Tuesday, July 5, 2016


lululemon paint-storm-espresso high-times

lululemon paint-storm-espresso high-times
lululemon paint-storm-espresso high-times
I had to order these beautiful High Times in Paint Storm Espresso Multi. I am hoping some Pace Rivals show up it in.

Cape Red Cool Racerback. I bought Grapefruit and Alarming last summer so I think I'm good on bright oranges. Note the run crops in the Paint Storm Espresso print.

I was tempted to order the new Rise and Flow Tank in Dusk Dye but I've read several try on reports that say the bra in this runs small so I'll save it try on in the store.

Cool Cocoa Easy Breeze Wrap. 

The Lace Cool Racerback showed up in the US. I ordered the black one to try.

Cool Cocoa Zen Bender LS

Inspire Tights in Paint Storm Harbor Blue

Speed and Tracker Shorts showed up in the Paint Storm Harbor Blue print.

Rise and Flow Tights

Sunset Flow Tank

Sunshine Salutation Bra

Sunshine Salutation Crop

Harbor Blue Swiftly Tank

Harbor Blue Swiftly SS

Harbor Blue Tight Stuff Tights

Harbor Blue Transcend Tank (CAN)

Cape Red Sculpt Tank

Zen Bender SS

Extra Mile Duffel in Cape Red/Sunny Coral 

The new print High Times and Lace CRB for me - did you get anything today?


Anonymous said...

Why is Canada getting the shaft again this summer with regards to the Swiftly Scoop Short Sleeve tops... super frustrating!!! I really wanted the Neon Pink one and have been waiting for what seems like weeks now, and now would really like the Harbor Blue one too... :( We never got anywhere near as many colours as the US and other countries got last summer and it is looking like the same is happening again this summer.

Anonymous said...

I have been waiting for a dark blue to come out in the align crops, so I jumped on the deep indigo aligns! The cape red looks like a beautiful color, so I also ordered a free to be bra in that color.

Stacey Conley said...

So bummed the new print didn't come in Pace Rivals :( I'm not a fan of Inspires. :(

Anonymous said...

Looks like Canada also didn't get that pretty espresso mix high times either :(

Anonymous said...

Question about the pace setter skirts. Thinking of getting one for casual wear instead of shorts this summer. Any curvy girls out there try them? I am hippie and butty. Size 8-10.

lulu said...

I am not a fan of the Inspire tight so waiting and hoping for the new Paint Storm Harbor Blue Multi print in Pace rival crops! I usually wear high times for casual wear and would rather have the other Paint storm color in pace rivals as well..so waiting.
I tried the new rise and flow tank in store yesterday and didn't love it..I didn't find the bra too small more TTS for me but I didn't care for the neck line..more squared off..not flattering on my ..I loved the back but prefer the new Beat the heat tank

Anonymous said...

Most of this stuff is awful and generic. Also, how many coral-pinks and almost-the-same oranges do we really need?

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 9:01 pm - I know! I was just looking back to last summer to my comparison photos of Grapefruit, Very Light Flare, and Flash Light that were all super close.

@lulu 7:15 pm - good to know about the bra.

Anonymous said...

Bought the Bali Breeze lace CRB. Been wanting a bali breeze something top-wise in my closet so grabbed this one. Hope it fits well. Hearing it's lycr and similar to the waterbound/coastal singlet fabric. I hope so. I love running in that fabric on hot days (i.e. 8-10 months out of the year here). This will be my first purchase at upload in like 2-3 years :O

Everything else just hits my "ewww" button. I don't like any of it. I find myself buying more and more older items off ebay.

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 9:20 pm - yes, same reasons I ordered the black one - I'm hoping it's like the waterbound singlet.

Anonymous said...

I am tempted by the lace CRB. It fits tight based on the old reviews but it looks so loose on the skinny model. I am waiting for reviews on the new one before pulling the trigger.

Anonymous said...

I agree Anon 4:14pm that Canada is getting the shaft on scoop neck swiftlies. I don't know the reasoning behind not having the same colours available for all especially when we only get a couple of months in the year to buy them.

Nothing is getting my attention in this drop as I just can't wear anything orange and I am not liking these prints at all. They sure have been focusing on a lot of orange and orangey red shades. Many items are only offered in 3 colours, white, black and one other and it's too bad because LLL has so many great colours. I really like the cool cocoa colour and hope to see more browns this Fall.

Anonymous said...

yeah the oranges keep comming........ I like it but enough already..... they would sell more if only they would vary the color pallet to include some NEW COLORS..... isn't rocket science. They must purchase dye in bulk and have to use it up or something like that!

CatepillarInTraining said...

annon @ 7:10 size up if you just want to wear it casually. I usually am an 8 in bottoms and am NOT hippy and an 8 fits me perfectly for running, I have a 10 that I wear for just running errands etc.
I LOVE LOVE LOVE the espresso print but I saw the preview of the run crops with the alarming CRB and am holding out for those- I would much rather have a run pant in that print, I really don't need another pair of wunder unders or high times but I am continually searching for decent running pants since apparently only the yarn dye ones look OK on me over the knees.

Anonymous said...

Not sure if I'm the only one who feels this way, but it's like the romance of Lululemon has been fading fast. I still check the uploads and every once in a while buy an item (hero blue CRB was my last purchase) but I'm feeling like the clothes seem tired and exhausted and just un-special, especially for the past few years or so. The quality is hit and miss, the prices are unbelievably high and the designs are just blah. I'm glad I found Lululemon and built up my wardrobe in the past, because the newer stuff from 2012 onwards has mostly lost it's magic.

Anonymous said...

anon 10:54 agree 100%..... I used to want to buy everything!!! sometimes i would spend obsene amounts, now like you once in awile, but i'm really okay w/ that because who needs so much really! I still love lulu they do tights better than any other still. also the crb is my favorite, but man i makes me mad that they keep changing the scuba to a crap version they had it back for me anyhow w/ the scuba II; the III w/ its floppy unlined hood and lack luster shape really po'd me to no end! I scoop up the II off ebay once in a blue moon though, love those jackets (how i use them); Most of the new tops are styles you can find at target and such for a fraction of the price.

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 5:04 pm - The only think I am really into these days are Pace Rival run tights and I am really loving the (hopefully) new version of full on luxtreme. If the right item comes along, like a silverescent circle mesh run top, I'd scoop them up but they seem to be concentrating on sheer (seriously light) luon tops lately which are adequate but nothing to get really excited about.

Anonymous said...

@10:54am I agree that what has been coming out this summer basically has no design elements that make me want to buy. Material is so thin and cheap looking and not worth the money. It used to be that lulu designs were unique and you felt special owning and wearing them. Now many of their designs look like you could have purchased them anywhere. The Zen Bender l/s at 78.00 and the s/s at $68.00 not including taxes is crazy for such thin cheap looking fabric that won't last long and no design elements making them at least a bit special to justify the cost. It seems that everything is being made on the cheap and yet priced high. For example, the new version of the studio crop is a joke when there are no design elements whatsoever to justify the 98. price tag. They lack all the design features of the originals and also have less design elements than the In Flux but are priced $10. more, shameful really and I refuse to buy them.

Under this new management we are now seeing clothing being made with little to no design elements and the quality of the fabric is cheap and thin and yet they are charging lulu prices for clothing that no longer looks like lulu, it is such a shame.

Anonymous said...

They are putting way too much product out, I think they are over doing it and a lot of it is somewhat repetitive. I actually have way too many workout clothes from numerous brands and I have reached a point where there is no way I can wear all of it.
I also think the price hikes are bad.
I have about 45 pace setter skirts. 22 CRBs, a drawer full of speed shorts,20 inspires and a whole bunch of tanks and yoga pants and I don't even want to mention the bras.

I still think that for high support sports bras lulu is still my fave.


LuluAddict said...

@M - It's probably time to purge some older stuff. I'll give a plug for the FB selling group I help admin: https://www.facebook.com/groups/lululemonbuyselltrade/

In light of the big Canadian postal strike I'll make a point to say this group does have the largest concentration of American buyers in it.

I was pretty good about purging a bunch of headbands and a few pairs of Inspire crops a couple of months ago but I need to list more stuff. I have a ton I haven't worn in months that I need to sell.

Anonymous said...

Thank you LLA. Lately my niece has been getting at my collection of lulu and I don't mind.