Saturday, July 2, 2016

NEW! Rise and Flow Pant, Sunshine Salutation Pant, Crop, and Bra, Zen Bender SS, Breezy Easy Wrap and More

New tank style and Rise and Flow Pant ($118) in a new print. The tank also comes in solid black.

New Tank

New Sunshine Salutation Bra, new print Wunder Unders, and new boolux blend Breezy Easy Wrap ($128).

Breezy Easy Wrap, new Zen Bender SS, and Rise and new Flow Pants.

New Zen Bender SS and new Sunshine Salutation Crops.

I think the blue top is the new Zen Bender LS.

I think the orange tee might be a Zen Bender SS and note the Harbor Blue and Grapefruit (?) print shorts, which I believe are Speeds and Trackers.


Anonymous said...

Those aren't wunder unders, they're the print in the rise and flow pant! The rise and flow tank also comes in that orange, and the wrap also comes in heathered black

Anonymous said...

Hi, anyone know What the white shirt is called?