Tuesday, July 12, 2016

New Dottie Tribe Pace Rival Crops, Cool Racerback, and More

lululemon dottie-tribe pace-rival-crop cool-racerback clear-mint-speed

lululemon dottie-tribe

lululemon dottie-tribe hottie-hot short
Dottie Tribe Cool Racerback, Hottie Hot Shorts and Pace Rival Crops are in the US. There are also new digital print Hi Rise Wunder Under Pants with stripes and dottie tribal "flowers" on them. These pieces are in both US and Canadian stores. They're super cute but $128. Also shown are Clear Mint Speeds, Swiftly tank, and Cool Racerback.

lululemon dottie-tribe  cool-racerback city-sky-skirt
Dottie Tribe Cool Racerback with a City Sky Run By Skirt. Sunshine Salutation Crops with a Zen Bender SS.

lululemon sunshine-salutation-bra wunder-short
Dusk Dye Sunshine Salutation Bra and Wunder Short 2".

lululemon sunshine-salutation-bra wunder-short

lululemon sunshine-salutation-bra wunder-short
Sunshine Salutation Bra with Hottie Hot Shorts

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

LLA: OT, about the lace CRB you just got.

1. Is the fit similar to the exhale CRB? A bit higher neckline, not as tight through the body?

I have the hero blue exhale CRB and really love it.

2. Is the fabric like the swim fabric? Like the coastal tank? Or more like the sculpt tank?

Thank you! Lea