Saturday, July 2, 2016

Mini Ripple Boom Juice Energy Bra and More

Trapeze Twist Tank, Energy Bra, and Beat the Heat tights.

Lots of new items popping up today in the group feeds, I think from US stores mostly, but no store photos of them yet - new Breeze Easy boolux Wrap $128, luxtreme Rise and Flow Pant $118, Sunshine Salutation Crop $98, Sunshine Salutation Bra and Tank, another new tank, and new Speeds and Trackers in this print:


Anonymous said...

As I learned from the banner next to your blog, LLA, there's a 40% off sale going on at Zhoba, with free shipping anywhere. I don't have any more room for LLL in my closets anymore, but I thought I could squeeze in a couple of items from Zhoba. You were generally positive of this brand in your reviews, so I ordered the boyshorts too. I paid $86.00 for four items that would have cost me full price $162.00 (there were three items already on sale and one with 40% off. Pretty sweet deal, because the original prices are cheaper than Lulu - fingers crossed that everything fits and the quality is comparable to Lulu, this is my first time ordering Zhoba stuff.

janine57 said...

Wow the orange tt top and purple bra look so pretty together!

Anonymous said...

2:54, the Zobha boyshort panties are fantastic. They are all I wear under leggings. I have had them for years, washing in a lingerie bag and hanging to dry, and they are as good as new. They changed the fabric a bit when the company got bought a couple of years ago, so it's not quite as soft, but they are still well made and worth the $$, especially during sales.