Tuesday, June 21, 2016


lululemon fatigue-cool-racerback

lululemon hero-cool-racerback

lululemon shell-pink-cool-racerback

lululemon neon-pink-rugged-blue-cool-racerback

Canada won big this week and got four new Cool Racerbacks this week in Fatigue, Hero Blue, Shell Pink, and Hyperstripe Neon Pink/Rugged Blue. The Hyper Stripe one is in US stores.

lululemon trapeze-twist-tank grapefruit

lululemon trapeze-twist-tank grapefruit
Grapefruit Trapeze Twist Tank. I wanted to order this tank but I was hoping to get the Black Grape or Boom Juice that Australia got yesterday. I'll wait to check this out in the store.

lululemon sunshine-salutation-tank

Sunshine Salutation Tank

lululemon 5-mile-singlet

lululemon 5-mile-singlet
5 Mile Singlet. I like the print but not the style of this.

lululemon blissed-out-sleeveless-hoodie

lululemon blissed-out-sleeveless-hoodie

lululemon blissed-out-sleeveless-hoodie
I really like the Blissed Out Sleeveless Hoodie. I ordered the Alberta Lake one to try.

lululemon scuba-fireside
Canada got a pretty Hazy Fireside Red Scuba III.

lululemon hero-blue-pace-rival-crops
Canada got Hero Blue Pace Rival Crops.

lululemon hero-blue-pace-all-the-right-places
Hero Blue All the Right Places Pant (CAN). The US got Battleship.

lululemon mini-ripple-desert-olive-wunder
Luxtreme Mini Ripple Desert Olive Wunder Under Crops

lululemon tidal-trip free-to-be0wild
Tidal Trip Pipe Dream Free to Be Wild Bra. I am hoping an Energy Bra is coming in this color.

lululemon dropt-pants
Deep Coal luxtreme Dropt Pants. These are cute.

lululemon sun-runner-crops

lululemon sun-runner-crops
Sun Runner Crops

lululemon restore-short-sleeve
Restore Short Sleeve

lululemon run-with-the-sun-vest

lululemon run-with-the-sun-vest
Run with the Sun Vest

lululemon coal-urbanite-bag
New color in the Urbanite Backpack - Soot.

lululemon braid-vinyasa
Only the gray braid Vinyasa showed up.

lululemon flow-y

lululemon energy-bra
Mini Ripple Boom Juice Flow Y and Energy Bra

lululemon h20-energy-bra
H20 Energy Bra

lululemon wee-space-cocoa
Canada got these cute Wee Space Cool Cocoa Soot Light Wunder Unders

lululemon gradient-wunder-unders
Gradient Wunder Unders

lululemon essential-mat-carrier
Essential Mat Carrier

lululemon tight-stuff-tights
Pop Cut Fatigue Tight Stuff Tights

Did you get anything today?


Anonymous said...

Why sleeveless hoodie costs the same as the one with sleeves? Why clothes look like they are for pregnant ladies (with all that flaring out), why there isn't anything remotely cute in this upload?

Anonymous said...

another week of nothing for me...maybe I've just amassed too much. I love what I have. Have sold what I didn't love. It has to equal what I have or be better. Not much along those lines these days. It's been about two months. The only thing I bought and love is the Speed Wunder Tight in Deep Sea.

Colors seem dark for summer. Does not feel like a cohesive line to me.

Anonymous said...

Nice CRB colors on the Canada side...thank you for bringing that to my attention. Also, we did not get the heathered bali breeze Scuba III. That color is so beautiful. Not getting unique items along with a website that has many flaws and faults, lately it's getting pretty hard to get happy about shopping at Lululemon.

Anonymous said...

my local store had the space dye grey and hero blue pace rival crops. Both very cute.

Anonymous said...

Nothing exciting here for me. I got brave and tried the H2O energy bra and it is awful. I was hoping it could do double duty and maybe act as a swim top for boating, days when I want more coverage but no way. The inner material is so scratchy, it's awful.
I'd love to see some sort of a hoodie or long sleeve in the cool cocoa color!

Anonymous said...

Love seeing solid hero blue and fatigue crbs. I'll at least order both when (if) they upload to US. Also happy to see that the hero blue pace rivals have matching mesh! There was a pair that came out a few months ago with a seven wonders waistband, but it had black mesh (ugh!!) on the back. Matching mesh looks so much cleaner in my opinion.

Overall, nothing for me tonight on the US side. While some of this would be nice, I don't need any of it. I have a nice lulu collection, and like anon 4:04pm said, I love what I have, and now I'm only buying if I truly love or will use a piece.

Anonymous said...

Hero blue Pace Rivals - dang! I had just given up waiting for those and ordered the grey. The grey maybe going back.

I haven't seen the hero in person. Does the color look more navy or bright blue?

Unknown said...

I tried the hero blue pace rivals today and they were sheer!! I sized up to see if they were better but nope. So disappointing!! I love hero blue.

Anonymous said...

It is now officially summer. Not one pair of shorts in the upload. Most items are dark and heavy. Time to shop elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

Awful products in the upload but I am absolutely loving the body diversity of the models.

Anonymous said...

what do you think are the chances for a gradient crop? I love the gradient colorway of the WUP but I'm in Texas and pants never work for me :(. The new run with the sun looks exactly like the other with similar name just with a zipper.

Lululover said...

Pretty good upload for me! I got Blissed out hoodie in AL and slate to keep one. Blessed Out tank to try. And Dropt pants in charcoal. The new Cool Cocoa looks promising, definitely HT for the fall. Retreat tee is ok, but colors are not exciting. I'm not a fan of Hero Blue, it's too bright IMO

Anonymous said...

I got the Gradient WUPs, they're adorable! I've also recently fallen in love with the secret socks so I grabbed a few pair of those. I love the Sun Runner crops, they had them in the store and they are really comfy and flattering. I have enough crops for now though, so I passed them up.

lulubell said...

It all looks like Fall to me. I'd buy the cool cocoa high times if it was September or October...

Anonymous said...

Likewise to you and anon 4:04. Somehow, it just doesn't seem as important to me anymore?? And, I also am happy with what I have and I have been tracking down my personal unicorns ( lulu of course) on eBay. These include a back up Paris pink heathered define, a ghost herringbone define and a scuba two with stripes and brisk bloom hoodie. I have only one or two more missing unicorns, but nothing I can't live without - so I am in no hurry ;).

That Mouse said...

Figures Canada would get something nice as soon as I return to the US. Oh well. I'm glad to have this time to be thankful for the pieces I already own.

Anonymous said...

gradient wup sold out size 4 already 8pm pst.

Anonymous said...

I hope that beautiful Cocoa colour will show up in other items too, not just the underwear! Nothing for me from the website for now. I will try on a couple of things I liked from this upload in the store, but I will have to really like them to open up my wallet.

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 7:59 pm - That print does nothing for me and the material looks shiny.

Anonymous said...

Hoping that those CRB colors will come out in Ebb To Street Tanks!

Unknown said...

I've been waiting forever it seems for the crb in hero blue. The only blue I've owned from lulu. I'm sooooo stoked. I'm so pale that jewel tones look best on me.

LuluAddict said...

@Jaae B - I bought the Exhale CRB in Hero and it's such a beautiful blue, definitely one of my favorites. I'm debating getting the regular CRB in the color, too.

Rungirl7 said...

I am debating the same thing if US gets the hero blue CRB!

hmdowd said...

Nothing from this upload...but I did get the Beat the Heat Bra, waited for some reviews to post before purchasing...the last one they tried in this style Pure Practice Bra failed miserably. I ended up giving it away to my smaller friend, the thing was soo tight. Was too late for a return by the time I got it.

Anonymous said...

I want the coal WUP crops but prefer they were pace rivals. I don't don't if I can bring myself to buy them now, they are a fall piece. I was hoping for shorts... Summer!!!

Anonymous said...

Glad I grabbed the gradients yesterday, they are already sold out in 4 sizes.

CatepillarInTraining said...

LLL have you seen other photos of the sun runner crops? I love the boom juice color on the photos of your other post (where they look brighter/more pink) but the website photos look less vibrant. I'm really on the fence on whether I should order :(

Anonymous said...

Me too! Can't wait for my Hero Blue CRB to arrive. Glad I ordered it last night as it's now sold out in many sizes online.

Anonymous said...

Nothing again for me this week other than some Run Times in Pretty Prism I picked up on sale earlier this week in store.

Would love another scoop neck Swiftly but not loving the colours available. A solid Shell Pink, Kayak Blue or Alberta Lake would be great. I am so glad I bought the solid Iris Flower and Blue Denim last year. I will hold out for a colour I love instead of buying it for the sake of getting another scoop neck.

I love the Alberta Lake in french terry fabric but not loving the styles. I also like the WUC in Cool Cocoa but don't need them so it's a pass.

Anonymous said...

I guess I'm the only excited by double gradient cool racer back yum yum pink alberta lake CRB. Ordered right away thinking this print in top is more versatile than in bottoms. it says FULL-ON LUXTREME on web but on my app it says luxtreme. oh well. anybody who's tried CRB in luxtreme or fullux please advise on sizing. thanks

Lululover said...

So bummed,,, last night ordered only Heathered slate Blissed Out tank . Went back today to order AL, but all sold out my size:( that's something I would love to wear casually in summer. Has anybody seen them at the store yet? The web site locator does not work. Only works for sizes still available online.