Tuesday, June 14, 2016


lululemon pace-rival pop-cut
Pop Cut Pace Rival Crops. I ordered these.

lululemon pace-rival nami-wave
Nami Wave Pace Rivals. I bought these last week. They're backed in white but there they didn't fade when stretched. My manager told me they were working on a new fabric that minimized the fade when stretched.

lululemon  pop-cut wunder-under-pant
Pop Cut Luxtreme Wunder Under Pants.

lululemon  pop-cut fast-lane
Fast Lane Singlet in Pop Cut. I am debating ordering this. I liked the Fast Lane singlet but didn't love it. I also tend to think this is a print I would tired of quickly in a tank.

lululemon  pop-cut hottie-hot-short
Pop Cut Hottie Hot Short.

lululemon  pop-cut free-to-be-bra
Pop Cut Free to Be Bra

lululemon  pop-cut speed-short
Pop Cut Speed Shorts. Where are the Trackers in this print?

lululemon  pop-cut all-sport
Pop Cut All Sport.

lululemon  pop-cut speed-track-short
Pop Cut Speed Track Short

lululemon  pop-cut rise-and-run-bra
Pop Cut Rise and Run Bra

lululemon  pop-cut city-sky-run-by
Pop Cut Fatigue City Sky Run By Skirt

lululemon  take-ten-hoodie rosewood

lululemon  take-ten-hoodie rosewood
New Take Ten Hoodie in Rosewood. Anyone try this on yet? If I hear it's soft I think I might order it.

lululemon run-with-the-sun-vest

lululemon run-with-the-sun-vest
Run with the Sun Vest (CAN). This is cute.

lululemon nami-scuba-terry
Nami Wave Terry Scuba

lululemon mesh-speed-short
Mesh Speeds have finally been uploaded.

lululemon beat-the-heat-bra
New Beat the Heat Bra.

lululemon beat-the-heat-ls
New Beat the Heat LS.

lululemon hot-spell-boom-juice

lululemon hot-spell-boom-juice
The Hot Spell Bra is back.

lululemon oant
Fatigue Street to Studio Pant.

lululemon trek-pant fatigue
Fatigue Trek Trouser

lululemon sweat-date-tank
Sweat Date Tank

lululemon neon-power -ty
Heathered Neon Power Y

lululemon hero-groove
Hero Blue Groove Pants

lululemon high-waist-speeds pipe-dream
High Waist Speeds

lululemon boom-juice inspire-tight
Boom Juice Inspire Tights.

lululemon urbanite-backpack

lululemon urbanite-backpack
Desert Olive Urbanite Backpack

lululemon olive-festival
Desert Olive Festival Bag

Just the Pace Rival Crops for me. Did you get anything?


Anonymous said...

Ughh, lulu has lost its magic. The clothes in this upload look so generic compared to the old school lulu. No special touches, details, or cuts, just B-L-A-H!

lulubell said...

Nothing for me again this week. I feel like my interest is waning. Not super into the styles and colors/prints lately. It's kind of bummer!!!

I'm hoping July brings some new lovelies!

Anonymous said...

I have a gentle mummy tummy which creates a tiny muffin top so high waist works....I can't size up because my thighs aren't huge so they look super baggy...and butt pucker where vent is tacked along bum line....so high waist is perfect....it is covered with top so no one sees it....it will probably still wear reg speeds too

Anonymous said...

Just no to all of it! Wallet safe!

Anonymous said...

ugh so many FUG things. My Amex is safe tonight

Rachel Nye said...

Anon 3:54 many women like high waisted bottoms for various reasons. And no reason excludes them from wearing 2.5 shorts other than not liking 2.5 inch shorts.

I just wish the blue tie dye came on regular speeds! I will have to settle for just a waistband print (like with blooming pixie) :( Excited to try the fast lane shorts though.

Anonymous said...

anon 3:54 PM, I actually think that's a pretty ignorant comment. I have a tiny waist and midsection and an nice hourglass shape, fit into size 4 speed shorts, and I prefer to keep my tummy covered. I like speed shorts but always felt like I'd like just a little bit higher waist for a bit more tummy coverage. I like form fitting clothing that shows off my shape while at same time like to keep my bits (tummy, cleavage,etc) covered.

Anonymous said...

what a boring upload. glad my wallet is safe though

LuluAddict said...

I don't really get the high waist on speeds, either, but maybe they're good for people with really long torsos. I also think a high waist tends to be hot with the double layer of a high waist and tank/shirt. I only have a few pairs of high pants and tend to prefer more mid-waist pants. The high waist usually end up way over my belly buttons.

Lex said...

Anon 3:54- Wow... you do realize that some women are in shape but still prefer high-waist? After having a baby, I'll never have a taut 6-pack (like you?), but I look pretty darn good in a pair of speeds (or like an abomination to Lulu, depends who you ask, I guess).

It's moments like this that I really wished LLA would screen posts, I love this blog, but hate the body critiquing. In light of recent events, maybe we would try and focus on positivity rather than fat-shaming.

Anonymous said...

@anon 3:54- why do you feel the need to share that? It's so discouraging that women seem to be our own worst enemies. :(

Anonymous said...

Well I'm a size 4 and in great shape to wear speeds. However, I've birthed 3 children in 5 years and no matter what I do my stretched out, loose stomach skin remains. So I prefer a high rise to smooth that area out. I'm guessing there are lots of customers in the same situation. Or maybe I should stick to my old lady mumu since "speeds might not be the best look for me"

Anonymous said...

I would love if the Run Times had a higher waistband of at least an inch or two. The Sweat Date Tank is just another lacklustre, design free tank that I wouldn't even pay $25. for. Absolutely nothing for me in this upload.

Lululover said...

Nothing for me tonight. Looks like a bunch of old lady stuff imo

Anonymous said...

I'm actually surprised at how nasty some women will be other women. Even if it is something more subtle like the comment above, the intent is the exact same and it's pretty damned rude. Makes me wonder if the kinds of people saying these things do it to feel better about themselves or either that they are completely narcissistic.

Anonymous said...

high waist speeds are the only tempting item .... speeds create a terrible muffin top on me, even at my thinnest... honestly, they give even the tiniest girls with super hot bodies a muffin top in a lot of cases ... But there have been several shorts released with more forgiving waists lately, so nothing for me tonight.

Anonymous said...

I'm currently a size 4/6 and have had two c-sections. Even if I weighed 99 lbs I would still have a little lower ab flap (I call it my baby escape hatch). High waist helps keep this area under control when running, otherwise I am actually sore here the next day and achy because the area moves around a lot on longer runs. The extra support a high waist offers really helps.

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:41pm
I think her comment is her opinion. Why does someone having her own opinion mean "ignorant" to you?? I think you're "ignorant" for calling someone ignorant.

Anonymous said...

I have 12% body fat and I have fantastic legs and a not-so-fantastic midsection after kids. Roll-down boogie shorts are my best friend. I could not be more excited to try the high-waist speeds, because regular speeds hit right at just the right spot to push up that loose skin and fat. I wish women would realize that we all all different shapes and store fat in different spots, and lose the snarky comments!

Anonymous said...

I like how the high waisted speeds look with the beat your heat bra. Has anyone tried the fast lane shorts?

Anonymous said...

HI! Has anyone purchased (and REALLY loved the Yogi Everyday LS?). Is it really worth it for the price and fit? I do prefer a more relaxed look with a lot of my high times (3 kids and things aren't always flat!!) Opinions?

Anonymous said...

It is ignorant (as in lacking knowledge) because she states that speeds are not the best look if you need to wear them with a high waist, and as you can see from a lot of the comments here, many of us really like speeds and obviously like how we look in them but like to keep our tummies covered. It sounds like a lot of speed lovers are in great shape but just prefer a bit of extra waistband height to keep their tummy covered up. Just because someone prefers to keep their tummy covered doesn't mean they look terrible in speeds. Like I already mentioned in my previous post I have a tiny waist and midsection, but after having a baby although my tummy went right back down flat my skin wasn't so lucky, I ended up with stretch marks and bit of wrinkled skin that I prefer to keep covered. I'm ok with you calling me ignorant if that's your opinion, I'm ok with others having different opinions than my own, but that didn't seem like simply an opinion to me, it seemed like a sneaky way to take a nasty shot at other women, and like a previous commenter, I am really just tired of seeing so much body critiquing on the Lulu blogs. Nobody is perfect.

Anonymous said...

I prefer high waisted pants since I have a long torso and I like to cover my tummy. There's nothing I would covet in today's upload. Lots of generic items and, with the exception of the Nami print, I'm not crazy about any of the new prints. I'm hoping for some pretty tops in that Nami print, but not terry Scubas, since it's getting really hot where I live. Fedex delivered my Sunaway Runaway shirts today in white, in two sizes, 8 and 10. They both pull in the back and on the front at the armpit, and have long sleeves that a gorilla would be proud of. On top of this, the white is see-through. I don't even want it in any other colour now.

Anonymous said...

I have a tiny waist, with chiseled abs, and the reason I like high waist is when I run it feels less like its slipping down. On Speeds though, I think the high waist is going to alter the overall cute fit--just my Opinion. For comfort and casual wear, I prefer the lower rise shorts personally. I don't think these are going to big big sellers. I hated all the upload. And as much as I love fatigue green, I feel like this is the wrong time of year to be releasing it. I would rather see it in the fall, unless they want to release some solid fatigue Run Times or Trackers. That would be cute! I haven't bought anything or been tempted in a very long time.

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 7:23 pm - that is my feeling about the high waist, too -the speeds won't look nearly as cute as the regular waistband.

Anonymous said...

I tried regular speeds and felt the waistband needed just a little more but...high waist might be too much. I had to return the minimalist crops because the high waist was too much, it went past my belly button and rolled down when I would bend. I have a shorter torso and long legs. I did,however, order the high waist speeds. I run with a fitletic belt for my phone, the extra fabric will help avoid the belt riding up and chafing me during the long runs. If they roll, they are going back.

carolie said...

I have a long torso. I am not trying to cover anything in my midsection... I just want high waisted speeds because on me they will look like normal speeds (i.e., my belly button will still be 4 inches above the top of the band). To me these ARE "normal" speeds that long torsoed people can actually wear. Of course, that is only what they are to me.... I now see from the comments that they are also a godsend for many other women for many other reasons. I honestly never thought about it before because I assume that all the stuff in different variations that lulu makes is made to target a wide variety of styles, preferences, etc. That first comment in this thread was just silly (and honestly kinda confusing... it's like saying that long versions of pants are for people who want to cover their fat feet instead of for tall people or people who like to wear high heels or people who like to hem their own pants to get the perfect length, etc.... i.e., huh???).

Anonymous said...

wow alot of people getting butt sore over nothing imo!!! Chill out lighten don't take ur self so serious!!!! I like speeds regular rise I don't like my stomach really, but still like them this way also i wear a long top w/ them anyway so it doesn't matter but i can't stand everything in highrise it bugs me its like the powers that be are engeneering this trend everywhere from jeans to shorts to leggings its taking over whether your want it or not its like its being shoved down our throats and it bugs me!!!!! Watch every year it will get worse more and more items high waisted till thats all you can find!!!!!! Its a conspiracy..........

Anonymous said...

LLA can you do a color comparison of some blues? Like sapphire and pipe dream? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

If I like it and it feels good, I am going to wear whatever the hell I want even with a mom-tum and cellulite.
There is nothing I "should not" wear except the things I don't like. I can be fat, thin, fit, flabby, short, tall. I'll wear what I please and whoever doesn't like it can deal with it.

GratefulMama said...

I ordered the best the heat bra in white and in black, size 4, but I'm a little worried they might run small. They just have that look to me, like the kanto catch me bra and tank with the really wide thick elastic around the rib cage. I probably should have ordered one in a 6 just to be sure.

I really wish they would offer another pair of white pants or crops. The last two sold out so quickly! The minimalist crop would be so perfect in white with the mesh!

Anonymous said...

Oh, wow, some seriously elitist comments here.

I can't believe I see bodyshaming on this blog.

Everyone's body and taste is different, but @anon 3:54, speak for yourself, not about the others.

@anon 7:23 - nicely said, thank you for keeping it civil.

Unknown said...

I'm glad they finally have a model who looks like she works out. (the one in the neon pink speeds, on the US side at least, she may be the one in the sun vest here). they need a diversity of body sizes I think, instead of a bunch of thin women, most who look like they don't do weighted exercise. half of their models look like their arms would be incapable of lifting a can of soup. and none of them have a butt or big quads.

Anonymous said...

maybe the high waisted speeds are LLL answer to the ride up swiftlies. Your swiftly may ride up during your run but you'll stay covered with something!

Unknown said...

I really like the yogi everyday LS. I got it in white a few weeks ago and then I bough there stripe Alberta lake one yesterday at the store. Good thickness and fit is really nice. I'm a mom of three too! It's my fave shirt second to the tuck and flow.

Anonymous said...

Agreed it was an ignorant comment about if you need the high-waisted speeds then the 2.5 shorts may not be the best look. Nothing for me yet, thinking the HW speeds and the Yogini LS maybe.

Blonde 3 said...

Ordered the heathered pink power y in hopes it's the light luon like the heathered menthol

Anonymous said...

I think the Pop Cut Fatigue City Sky Run By Skirt is really cute but too short for me. The Take Ten Hoodie is really quite plain with only a cinched back for detail and the colour options are boring. This definitely is the year of show your sports bra and 90% of their top/tank designs are geared towards showing the bra. However, some of these tanks with barely any fabric like the new Sweat Date Tank are so boring, no design or detail to make them unique or interesting. All they are designing are dropped armholes that are cut wide as well and they are not flattering at all. Just look at the picture of the girl wearing this tank (frontal view) and tell me am I wrong? If this is any indication of what they are going to give us for running gear and their idea of good design and detail then I will be shopping elsewhere for my running tanks.

Still waiting for a good technical running jacket but that would cover up the bra so maybe we won't get any this year or they will backless.

Such a boring upload.

Anonymous said...

I miss old school lulu too - I keep holding out hope that they'll put out pieces with those extra little details that used to separate them from everyone else. Now it's nothing special.

Anonymous said...

anon @6:55 - I 100% agree with you. hers was not an "opinion", at least not the way it was phrased.

CatepillarInTraining said...

I'm not into the olive and fatigue green colors but I do love the boom juice and neon pinks- probably the fact that the greens just don't look good on me. I'm considering the rosewood hoodie because it's SO PRETTY. If it's lightweight and really soft it will come home with me today. I think I'll def snag some of the high waist speeds and rise and run bra, it's HOT here and I need something that I can feel held in but less coverage when running. For the first time I'm actually sort of interested in groove pants. I've never had a pair TBH because they aren't something I would actually work out in, but I love them in the hero blue. I might snag a pair and hang on to them for fall lounge wear. I also really liked the blue high times that were uploaded- i will definitely be ordering them.

Anonymous said...

I'm a 21 year old size 4, and I'll be trying out the high waist speeds during my store visit tomorrow. I don't have anything to 'hide' with the high waist, I just happen to prefer how high waist bottoms fit! And to all the women above, I applaud you for rocking speed shorts and toting around your toddlers at the same time :) No need to hide your body just because you've had a child!

I find that frequently on here if women don't personally see the purpose in an item (such as a high-cut tank, pants with the back zipper pocket, roll down boogies, any item with mesh on it, I could go on and on) that they discredit it as being entirely pointless. I personally hate low-cut tops and low rise bottoms (I always feel like something is about to pop out and find it distracting while I'm working out!), but I totally understand that other women adore them, and me disliking those items doesn't mean they're totally pointless.

That's the entire point of lulu making such a wide variety of clothing. Luxtreme for me, luon for you, high rise for me, low rise for you, speed shorts for me, run times for you, enhearten tank for me, flow y tank for you, etc.

CatepillarInTraining said...

and to the lady who felt the need to question why someone would want high waisted speeds- I'm one of them. I lost 160lbs this year and I have a ton of loose skin on my lower abdomen. My legs look great, I wear a size 6 and I have a killer thigh gap- I have no damn shame about wanting a pair of high waist shorts to keep everything held in place while I run.
HOWEVER- even if I didn't look great in them, I would still wear them, because a 2.5 in short allows me the freedom of movement I need while running, and I won't be shamed into wearing gear that doesn't function for me simply because you think someone is "too fat" to wear it. Wherever your arbitrary standard comes from is ridiculous. Anyone who can fit into lululemon certainly can rock a pair of 2.5 in speeds. PERIOD.

Lex said...

LLA: I ask that you seriously consider not "approving" posts that body-shame or mock other women. These types of comments actually add nothing to the discussion of Lulu. While I enjoy hearing opinions on the actual clothes, I don't need to hear "opinions" on what certain women "should" wear. I've read this blog for a few years now and really enjoy your updates (that can't be found elsewhere), but I'm tired of reading posts about the eds in online photos "not doing the clothes any favours" or how certain items shouldn't be made in larger sizes. Seriously, we are better than that. I'm sure you don't want to censor the blog, which I can understand, but I don't feel anything would be lost by not posting comments that add nothing to the discussion and purpose of the blog.

Lululover said...

@heather c: I was thinking the same thing looking at the upload! Finally a model with some muscle tone

Anonymous said...

The pop cut print reminds me of something from Las Vegas in the 70's. Or cheap hotel carpet :P SO much in this print too. I must be the only one that hates it though?

I have the mesh speeds in both colors in my cart debating. They seem like they'd be cooler on a hot run or perfect for over a swimsuit at the beach or poolside.

Nothing ordered on upload yet though. Gosh, can't remember the last I ordered off a Tuesday upload...been quite awhile. I think well over a year.

Rise and Shine said...

I care less and less about Lulu and it seems I'm not alone, so I was surprised to see 47 comments about what we all bought this week. Doh! Of course most of the comments aren't about the clothes. I forgot it was upload day. It's been about 2 months since I've bought anything, which is such a difference from two years ago when I used to spend about $150/week. Part of it is the designs and prints, which I don't find to be special or even attractive, and part of it is the change in attitude I get from Lulu. Close ups of men's crotches is enough to turn me off a company for years. I can't help being curious enough to look at LLA once a week, but I really don't want to give Lulu my money. Looking for a new company to enjoy.

Anonymous said...

Anon@3:57pm and anon@4:08pm
Totally agree with both of you (and Chip Wilson too for that matter). You have said it all.

lulu has lost its magic. The clothes in this upload look so generic compared to the old school lulu. No special touches, details, or cuts, just B-L-A-H!
June 14, 2016 at 3:57 PM

Nothing for me again this week. I feel like my interest is waning. Not super into the styles and colors/prints lately. It's kind of bummer!!! I'm hoping July brings some new lovelies!
June 14, 2016 at 4:08 PM

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know if the mesh speeds have a liner? The online description doesn't say.

Jen said...

I'd like to try the high waist speeds. I have several pairs of regular speeds, but I do have the swiftly ride up issue and there are sometimes when I'm uncomfortable or just plain annoyed to have to keep tugging it down. I have to size up in speeds from my crops size, not due to the waist, but because I like my run shorts loose on my thighs. This may also contribute to the issue because I cinch the waist as tight as it'll go. They may or may not be the answer, but I don't mind giving them a try.

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 2:41 pm - I'm pretty sure they are.

Lex - the ruder comments have been removed.

@ anon 5:31 am - The fall is supposed to see a return to more detailed designs, from what I understand.

Unknown said...

They do :)

Anonymous said...

LLA - It's too bad we have to wait until Fall but it will be interesting to see what they come out with. I normally spend much less in Spring/Summer than in the Fall and Winter. I find now that I don't need to always be buying something. I can be quite happy with a few pieces that I really love than having a bunch of stuff that is just OK. If my only purchase for the next two months was only an awesome looking technical running jacket I would be so happy...

surlygirl said...

off topic, but has anyone seen var-city crops marked down in there local stores? the price differences across each store and the website stresses me out! I have about 6 or 7 stores in my local area and prices vary widely between them.