Thursday, June 16, 2016

Sunaway Runaway Half Zip, Beat the Heat LS, and More

Sunaway Runaway Half Zip, H20 Energy Bra, and Reach the Beach Shorts.

Beat the Heat LS

Rosewood LS Swiftly and Kayak (I think) SS Swiftly

Lots of the stores have been posting photos of men's stuff this week but I like the especially, er,  informative photos the Westport Store posted the best. :D

My Pop Cut Boom Juice Multi Pace Rivals arrived today, a day early.  I was thinking I'd probably return them but the full on luxtreme in these feels really good. They're backed in white but I had little to no fade in them. The material is also matte and I have a top in every color in the print to pair with them. I didn't expect to like them on but they're actually rather flattering. If you were on the fence about these, I'd say order them and give them a try.


CatepillarInTraining said...

I tried the popcut boom juice pace rivals in store, my favorite Ed was wearing them when I walked in and I was DYING to have them. That print is AMAZING in the luxtreme (not as vibrant in the speeds). However, when I put them on, I noticed the fading over the knee when I moved. We proceeded to have a pretty lengthy conversation about my favorite pair of pace rivals ever (space dye twist naval blue), they have NEVER stretched to fade and are a size smaller than the size of popcut rivals I had on. My Ed told me she felt that last year's pace rivals were a lot better in terms of not-fading than this year's.
I ended up without a pair of running pants (don't worry, I left with a big bag of other crud!), which I actually really need. I wish they wouldn't back everything in white.

Anonymous said...

I actually like this print....... i was hoping to find something i like in it but not yet.... maybe i'll try the pace revivals?

Anonymous said...

I didn't think I'd love the pop cut pace rivals either, but I'm keeping mine too. Love the feel of the luxtreme, the no fade when stretched, and how versatile they are with all of my other workout tops. Incidentally, they are the exact fabric content & percentage as the tight stuff tight!

Anonymous said...

I forgot to mention that the nami wave pace rivals are also made up of the same fabric & percentage as the solid color tight stuff tight that I compared with. I ended up keeping the nami wave and pop cut pace rivals.

Anonymous said...

ya I saw those in person and think they are pretty awesome. the pattern is really fun. I might breakdown and get them.


Anonymous said...

Love the pace rivals! Just ordered a second pair. (Oops)

Anonymous said...

anon@8:44am All prints are going to "fade" to some degree when stretched. They have to by the very nature of the fact they are printed. For some reason, the analogy of silly putty comes to mind. We used to put it on a comic strip to pick up the print and then stretch it to contort the image. The color also faded as it was stretched. Same exact concept with printed pants.

The Space Dye Twist you refer to is yarn-dyed, not printed. It will never fade when stretched by the very nature it is a yarn-dye. The pattern is made my knitting different color yarns together, not by printing. It's like comparing apples to oranges. For those who don't like any fading, do not by any prints.

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 10:39 pm -True, but lulu is doing something to the fabric content, maybe making it stretchier?, so the prints don't fade as much. These newer prints definitely fade a lot less than my older ones. The fabric also feels different, too - softer and less harsh.

Anonymous said...

The Pace Rivals in this print sure do look pretty in the pictures I've seen so far. I haven't tried Pace Rivals yet, not sure about the big mesh panels in the back contrasting so much with the rest of the pants... but I think I could make an exception for this print... not sure about sizing though... so hard to go ahead and pull the trigger on things I'm not familiar with when I can't make it to a store to try on for size!

Anonymous said...


I agree it feels like lulu is using slightly different fabric, or at least finish, in the Speed Wunder Tight Deep Sea. I like the more matte finish too. But I just poked my middle finger underneath the print and yes, like all other prints, it stretches to show the base color which is white.

I just checked a bunch of my tags. The only thing I discovered is that the % of poly and elastic varies some from pant to pant, so in general, it would make sense that a pant with a higher % of elastic is going to stretch more. But there are other things to consider too like the weight of the fabric...a lighter weight fabric may stretch more. Also the yarn size and count/. Full on lux should theoretically stretch less. Pants with the highest degree of compression should stretch less. But they will all stretch to show some grin through at some point. I also noticed that some countries use a non-branded elastic vs. Lycra, which is branded. That may also make a difference, but I doubt much.

Honestly, It's never been an issue for me and I have purchased a lot of lulu printed tights (mostly luxtreme). I also don't do yoga, so I'm not bending over like a lot of people. I'm more inclined to run. But I understand how some people may be bothered by it. However, an educated consumer makes a lot of difference. This is not lulu's "fault" imho.

Hope that helps.