Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Pop Cut Pace Rival Crops, Hi Waist Speed Shorts, Beat the Heat LS, and More

Hi Waist Speed Shorts, Rise and Run Bra, and Beat the Heat LS. 

New Hyperstripe Neon Pink/Rugged Blue Cool Racerback and Slate Aligns.

Lace Camo High Times

Pop Cut Pace Rival Crops are in US stores. Shown with the Fast Lane Singlet. Also shown are Pop Cut Hotty Hot Shorts (I think).

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Anonymous said...

Looking forward to seeing more close up photos of the new Hyperstripe Neon Pink/Rugged Blue CRB. Hopefully we'll see it uploaded to Canada today.

I'm wishing for a completely solid Pipe Dream Blue Define Jacket... what are the chances... would also love Shell Pink... which reminds me, still waiting for the Shell Pink CRB that Australia got a couple weeks ago... fingers crossed!