Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Mindful Wrap, Fast Lane Singlet, Serene Tight, and More

Speed Wunder Tight, Compassion Tank, and Mindful Wrap

Lace Camo Special High Times and Fast Lane Singlet 

Serene Tight

Serene Crop and Refresh Maxi Dress

Refresh Maxi Dress. Also shown are the Serene Crop.

Fast Lane Singlet, Rise and Run Bra, and Run Times Short

What is she tucking into her bra? A lululemon credit card? (Thanks to Ms. N. for the heads up.)


Anonymous said...

Sorry if this is a dumb question, but what is a Lululemon credit card and what does it do any differently than a regular credit card

Rachel Nye said...

Oh man. If they offer any kind of rewards for a lulu credit card I will be screwed lol

Anonymous said...

Yes, please, to the Lulu credit card, or some other system that gives rewards for how much money I've given them in the past decade. (And, that's one way to disincentivize online resale.)

LLA, did you see the stock price jump today? Any thoughts about why?

Anonymous said...

No mention of the trek trouser??? Anyone have any info on these.... they look super cute and was hoping to see a review or other pics of regular people wearing them. please add some for this product LLA

Courtney said...

Has anyone tried on the maxi dress? I love it, but I'm wondering how sheer/clingy it might be. I don't want to be showing every lump and bump!

janine57 said...

I know tights are popular right now but I'm sick of buying pricey items I can't wear for months. It's a beautiful print tho.

Anonymous said...

The maxi dress is a cute (but generic) style, but it's extremely thin. It's also very clingy, but that isn't as big a problem as the thinness. It shows every seam of whatever you have on under it. The super-long slits up the sides also make the bottom flap around and get caught up between your ankles as you walk. I might buy it as a cover-up if it were on sale for like, $20.

Anonymous said...

I have all 4 colors from last year. If you are wearing your true to size (and not a too tight size down, sounds like what your wearing) it is extremely flattering and not at all clingy. The material is a heavier spandex cotton, which holds its shape. I have never found it to get 'caught up between my ankles'. I think this dress is one of the most flattering dresses lulu has come out with. Not cover style, more like throw a cover up over to dress it up/down.
$20 ha your on the wrong website sweetheart!