Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Desert Olive Braid Vinyasa, Sunset Salutation Tank, Sun Runner Crops, and More

Sun Runner Crops, Trapeze Twist Tank, and Sunset Salutation Tank.

Desert Olive Braid Vinyasa and Pop Cut Fatigue Wunder Under Pant

Grapefruit Trapeze Twist Tank, Pop Cut Free to Be Wild Bra, and Pop Cut Wunder Under Pants.

Harbor Blue Trapeze Twist Tank


Anonymous said...

Love the random dude on the street checking his phone

sublime said...

@anon 7:20PM - I think it might be the random woman doing yoga on the street that is more notable.

lulubell said...

The scarf is gorgeous!! I'm kind of relieved it's $68 plus tax, otherwise I'd buy it for no reason. I already have 3 vinyasas and I only occasionally wear them. Never gets quite cold enough where I live, maybe 2 weeks out of the year I can pull them out.

Anonymous said...

Like the fatigue pop cut!