Monday, June 20, 2016

Australian Spoilers

lululemon hero-blue-cool-racerback
The Australian upload showed up late today - Hero Blue Cool Racerback

lululemon pop-cut-fatigue-cool-racerback
Pop Cut Fatigue Cool Racerback

lululemon shell-pink-cool-racerback
Shell Pink Cool Racerback

lululemon trapeze-twist-tank black-grape
lululemon trapeze-twist-tank black-grape

lululemon trapeze-twist-tank boom-juice
I believe the Trapeze Twist Tank is now being made of Seriously Light Luon, based on these photos, but the Why We Made This Text says Pima Cotton.  I'm pretty sure that is an error. The top color is Black Swan.

lululemon pace-rival-crop seal-gray-camo

lululemon pace-rival-crop seal-gray-camo
New Pace Rival Crops in Space Dye Seal Gray.

lululemon city-sky-run-by seal-gray-camo
City Sky Run By Crops in Seal Gray Camo

lululemon 4-color-space-dye rugged-hero
Love Tee II in 4 Color Space Dye Deep Navy Rugged Blue. I hope a tank is coming in this color, too.


Anonymous said...

I really like that top (trapeze twist)

Lulu Aussie said...

This is the first comment I have made😊 I'm from Australia and very disappointed. Where is the Compassion Tank? I envy you guys in the states and Canada, you have nice things, and we don't really have anything new!

Anonymous said...

Those are gorgeous cool racerbacks prints and colors. I wish they would bring back the studio racerback. I know it didn't get much love when it was around, but it's a better length for me and I love it with the FTBW bra.

Anonymous said...

I bought the Sunaway Runaway s/s in Hero Blue and really like it. The swimsuit fabric is very light and has a lot of stretch. I strictly bought it for the SPF protection as I am in need of more clothing that gives me protection from the sun. The crew neck protects my upper chest and the short cap sleeve protects my shoulders. I don't usually like cap sleeves but these fit nicely because the fabric is so light and thin. I would love this top in Shell Pink or Kayak Blue. It's too bad it's so expensive to get a s/s top with SPF protection so it would be nice if they threw in some more detail to warrant the high price.

I am surprised but shouldn't be to see Black Swan in a tank since we got Deep Zinfandel this Spring. I would have preferred the lighter shade of zinfandel for Springl like the men got. I do really like Black Swan and am curious to see if we get more of it this Summer.

I like the 4 Colour Space Dye Deep Navy Rugged Blue Love Tee but I don't wear that top due to the very low V.

Not a lot in the upload for Australia but hope to see a large upload for Canada today!!!

Lululover said...

I have some kind of dark blue CRB from last year and don't need another one. Everything else looks boring. I was really hoping for more stuff in Tofino teal or AL, but nope.
OT: seriously kicking myself for not ordering Cover Me tee 3 or 4 months ago in color that almost looked like bleached coral, but I know it wasn't it. It's the one that could be tied on the back and had two layers. If anybody has it in a size 4 or 6 and doesn't love it I would gladly take off your hands!

Anonymous said...

OT, but does anyone know what the color "gris" is for the Scuba hoodie III? Given gris is french for grey I would assume the latter, but in the images it looks speckled (hero?) bluish? If anyone has seen it in person I would appreciate your input. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

The new gris scuba hoodie definitely has a blue-ish hue to it. It is such a beautiful colour though - I am wearing it right now.