Tuesday, May 3, 2016


lululemon foil-manifesto-cool-racerback

lululemon foil-manifesto-cool-racerback

Sorry, I'm a bit late with the upload. I had to sign my son up for summer school. I was able to order the Foil Manifesto Bali Breeze Tofino Teal CRB. More pics to follow. What did you get?

lululemon pretty-lace-wunder-unders
lululemon pretty-lace-wunder-unders
I also got the Pretty Lace Wunder Unders. Put lace and flowers on it and I am there.
lululemon tofino-hotwave-tank

lululemon tofino-hotwave-tank

I also ordered the Tofino Hotwave Tank to try.

lululemon yum-yum-hotwave-tank
New color - Yum Yum Pink, also in the Hotwave Tank.

lululemon nami-wave run-times
Canada got Nami Wave Run Times.
lululemon alberta-lake flow-and go
Alberta Lake Flow and Go Crops

lululemon beyond-boundaries-crop

lululemon beyond-boundaries-crop

Beyond Boundaries Crop. These are luon.

lululemon enlighten-tight-contour deep-zinfandel
Deep Zinfandel Enlighten Tight Contour

lululemon freckle-flower-pace-rival
Freckle Flower Pace Rival Crops in the US this week.

lululemon freckle-flower-speed
White/Seal Gray Freckle Flower Speed Shorts

lululemon free-spirit-crop

lululemon free-spirit-crop
Free Spirit White Pant

lululemon rosewood-pace-rival-skirt

lululemon rosewood-tracker-short
Rosewood Pace Rival and Tracker Shorts

lululemon rosewood-twist-and-toil-tank

lululemon twist-and-toil-tank

lululemon green-twist-and-toil-tank
Twist and Toil Tanks

lululemon flash-stuff-your-bra
Flash Stuff Your Bra

lululemon tofino-teal-swiftly-tank
Tofino Teal Swiftly Tank. Such a bummer it's so pale.

lululemon wee-space-nimbus-battleship define
Wee Space Nimbus Battleship Define

lululemon wee-space-camo wunder

lululemon wee-space-camo wunder
Space Dye Camo Seal Gray Wunder Under

lululemon serene-crop

lululemon serene-crop

lululemon serene-crop

Serene Crops

lululemon 5"-wonder-short

lululemon 5"-wonder-short
Luon 5" Wonder Shorts

lululemon rugged-blue every-yogi-racerback
Rugged Blue Yogi Everyday Tank

lululemon free-spirit-tank
Free Spirit Tank

lululemon lotus-scarf
Lotus Scarf

lululemon alberta-lake-space-dye-camo vinyasa
Alberta Lake/Fresh Teal Space Dye Camo Vinyasa

lululemon pretty-lace run-all-day-backpack
Pretty Lace Run All Day backpack. Love this.

lululemon live-free-tote
I really like the looks of this tote - the Live Free Tote.

lululemon free-spirit-bag
Pretty Lace Free Spirit Bag

With the return of a Manifesto print and a lace print, I feel like I'm back in 2008. :)


emily said...

I am really tempted by the white Beyond Boundaries crop. I think these would be really cute as casual wear. But then, there are other things I truly need more than a $100 pair of white yoga crops.

I'd love them in a running crop though.

Rachel Dana said...
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Anonymous said...

The white free spirit pants are cute but look horrible in the back. It looks like you are wearing a diaper! Is that their solution to sheerness?!?! They should have used all that same material in the back as a double layer. They should just make some in denim luon. Or slub denim! Anyone remember that? It was a cool fabric. Humans can go to outer space but can't figure out a way to make white pants not sheer! Lol!

Custom Baby Boutique said...

I asked this on the Lulu chat board but nobody has responded that has tried or has both:

The stuff your bra says medium support for B/C....the rack pack says medium support for C/D...I have the rack pack and love it.
The stuff your bra is better?! or similar?
I am a 34D

Lululover said...

Not a bad upload! Got Free Spirit tank in white to try. I love Swift fabric . Really bummed that Free Spirit white pants got sold out . Will have to stalk my store now. Canada got cute gray Speeds that would have been perfect for my coming up trip to Vegas . Also liked new Define and Swiftly tank, but had to restrain myself

Anonymous said...

I wound up getting the white beyond boundaries crop to try.
I am not sure if it will work out, given the short double-layer back panel. I tried the black Free Spirt 7/8 crop in store today (no white was available)..very pretty & compressive. I have a few black crops/pants....so I held off..

May I ask if there is a Canadian Lulu angel or recommendations for one? I am interested in an old item, that the US sold out.

LuluAddict said...

@Custom baby boutique - I find the rack pack more supportive for sure. The Stuff Your Bra is too deep in the armpit for me so I get massive armpit boob and I don't think the straps are nearly as supportive.

Anonymous said...

I just ordered a few things that I've had my eye on for a while since the two things I really wanted that were uploaded tonight didn't come in my size... I ordered the Sapphire Blue In Flux Jacket before the size I need for this one sells out (lots of other sizes sold out in this colour now), the Jungle green Short Sleeve Swiftly, and two pairs of solid Black Gather & Crow Crops II from the WMTM section.

Anonymous said...

I got the Free Spirit Pants in WHITE, with double back panel - it sounds promising, Beyond Boundaries Crop in white and Serene Crop in white. I have been looking for a solid white bottom for a long time! Hope at least two out of these three will work for me!

Anonymous said...

I got the WUC lace and flower. Your post made me notice it. Thank you!

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 9:36 pm - the WUCs are sold out in everything but 4 & 6 in Canada.

Tanya said...

I'd buy 7/8 or full length pants in lace pattern. Fingers crossed.

Anonymous said...

Do you know how the sizing is for the Flow & Go Tight? Are they small for their size, similar to the Zone In Tight?

Ohlala said...

The Canadian and US uploads are way nicer than what we have on the UK website..boring uploads boring colours.
All but 3 items from WMTM disappeared..did it ever happened on the US or Canadian website?
I've seen them uploading older stuff back again later on..this is annoying

Anonymous said...

I found the upload pretty boring but I might order the tote, just trying to decide if I should wait to see if comes in more colours.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know if the inside of the black free spirit tote is black or another colour? I swore I would never buy anoypther bag lined in black, too difficult to find anything in it.

Jessie said...

I need a high-waist pant/crop in that lace pattern!! fingers also crossed

Miranda said...

I love the new Pace Rival print! Does anyone know if they are white on the inside though?

Unknown said...

I love the white and seal gray speeds. I really hope those come to the US. Does anyone know if they are 4 way or 2 way?

CatepillarInTraining said...

i like that pace rival print, I think i need to try it on in store though, the last time I thought I like a small black/white print like that it wasn't good on me. I could use another pair of running crops though. I am loving the lace WU's and seriously almost ready to click BUY especially following my disappointment with last week's sheerness in the nimbus white that will be returned.I also really like the live free tote in white that was up yesterday, for some reason no one ever buys bags at my store so i think i will scope that one out in person.

Anonymous said...

@custombabybotique- I find the run for days II bra most supportive of all the pocketed run bras. I am not well endowed, but since having children appreciate the support. I do think it runs small so maybe size up. I just tried them this year and am sad they are not a staple.

Shadowy Lady said...

@Custom Baby Boutique - neither work for me as running bras. However, I'm a few sized bigger than you (34DDD or 34E). This only bra from Lulu that has worked for me for running is Strap it Like it's Hot.

Anonymous said...

Agreed! I have the stuff your bra 2 and I'm also a 34D. The stuff your bra is really unfortunate in the armpit area and is tough to wear with loose tanks or muscle tanks. Armpit chub for days. The All Sport Bra is probably my favorite though!

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to Hot Wave reviews from those that try it!

Anonymous said...

Anyone seen leftover Deep Zin crbs at their store in the US? I suddenly decided I *need* it.

NCJenn said...

Would love to see some of these new patterns in the Pace Rival skirt..Tried on the Principle Tank this week and the fabric was AMAZING, but so tight thru the chest even tho the arm holes were low!! The blue was nice..I'm really liking the patterns, but just hope they come up with some nice patterned skirts for summer.-and keep the price at a reasonable amount!! The Rosewood is very close to another red they just had out! Nice selection tho..I need to check out the LULU shorts..Haven't bought any for a while since they did away with the ones I really liked!!

Anonymous said...

Wow! So funny you said you feel like you're back in 2008! I had the same thought! Not just the manifesto but also the lace and the white. I must be honest, I'm not a fan of white workout pants in general, but I can get behind these more elegant styles. The past 5 years have been overall bah for me. Too much color blocking and ugly designs. I'd love to see some new things I actually like!

4vrfit said...

FYI for you ladies about the RSYB... I inquired at my local store last night about the difference between the II and the just released III... she read the sheet off that they received and apparently they adjusted the sides of the bra to eliminate the armpit boob and also adjusted the back straps to make it more supportive. I bought one in flashlight to compare to the Rack Pack bra that I bought two weeks ago on WMTM. While at the store, I tried one on... I personally found the RSYB III very comfortable, with good support (32DD - 34D). I tried on a Rack Pack too and felt more comfortable in the RSYB III. I hope this helps! =)

LuluAddict said...

@ anon - true about the white being old school lulu, too. The lace print totally brings me back, too. One of my first lulu purchases was a lacey trellis print - not sure of the name - Power V. It was beautiful. They used to use the print a lot in the bra linings.

Anonymous said...

My store had them in roll down wunder unders. I ended up getting the crops even though I like the pants better. My store is in Canada

Anonymous said...

They have highly waisted wup at my store. I got the crops instead as I didn't want pants in that much of a pattern even though I love the higher waistband. The educator said I could get them made into crops, but I didn't want to spent extra money on pants only to get them made into crops

Anonymous said...

the Free Spirit White pants are out of control nice! i've been waiting for white tights from Lulu and they finally did it where it's not see thru. My bums feel very supported and awesome compression.

JesseJ said...

Where is your store? I need a pair!

Tanya said...

Thanks for the heads up, I hope they come out in the US

Anonymous said...

@ JesseJ my store is in Regina Saskatchewan.

Sasha said...

I've been out of the loop and totally missed the all white upload AND my store didnt have them. Called around and purchased the crops and pants in white to try! I was nervous, but your comment makes me excited to get them today!