Monday, May 23, 2016

Run With the Sun Tank, Bra, and Crop

lululemon run-in-the-sun bra-tank-crop
New Run in With the Sun Tank, Bra, and Crop. There are also crops in the same color as the bra and the tank also comes in white.


sharviss said...

These all look interesting!

Anonymous said...

I was just griping that lulu needed to put out a shorter run crop and here they are! I wonder if these are the same as in 2012. Definitely ready to pick up a pair!

Anonymous said...

Interesting. Those crops don't look a thing like the original Run in the Sun crops from 2012.

Anonymous said...

I've been waiting since 2012 for the Run: In the Sun crops to come out again, but those crops look nothing like them. They have mesh going down the sides of both legs and have small zip pockets on each leg. They are some of my favorite crops ever (second, after Run: For Your Life.) I'm going to be sooooo disappointed if they released crops with the same name that are completely different. It means the original ones will probably never come back... :(

Longhills said...

Puuullleeeaasseee have side pockets big enough for an iPhone 6!

Anonymous said...

i have an old pair of crops that I believe was called run in the sun. they are perfect for shorties like me. I hope these fit in a similar way.
The old ones I had had a lot of pockets and were light enough to run in the hot summer days in the East coast.

Hope the have fun patterns and colors in these.