Monday, May 2, 2016

Australian Spoilers

lululemon tofino-teal-swiftly-ls

lululemon rosewood-teal-swiftly-ls
Tofino Teal and Rosewood LS Swiftlys. I might need the Tofino one.

lululemon tofino-teal-swiftly-tank
Tofino Teal Swifty Tank

lululemon tofino-teal all-the-right-places-pant

lululemon tofino-teal all-the-right-places-crop
All the Right Places Pant and Crop in Tofino Teal.

lululemon alberta-lake tight-stuff-tight
Tight Stuff Tight in Alberta Lake

lululemon tofino-teal race-your-place-ls
lululemon tofino-teal race-your-place-half-zip

Rulu Race Your Place LS and Half Zip. I'm pretty sure North America will not be seeing these. I'd almost have them angeled over to me but I found a lot of the heathered rulus this winter to no be very soft. I'd hate to go to that expense and hate it. Now, if a Tonfino Race With Grace Half Zip comes out, game over.

Freckly Flower Sculpt Tank


Lululover said...

I'm liking Tofino Teal a lot. I wish All the right places were solid . I'm not a big fan of combo like that. Hoping for a solid Tofine CRB or Power Y

Anonymous said...

I like the teal. I'm hoping we get a SS in it.

OT- Anyone in the US see the Deep Zinfandel crb in their store recently? My local store didn't get them and I've been trying to call around, but haven't had any luck yet. I know they sold quickly.

purrfiktangil said...

Pity they are bringing the Race Your Pace 1/2 Zip back now and in Australia. I totally would have loved one of those and in that color last fall/winter (assuming is was soft quality rulu).

In other fun news, my store had the Pace Rival Crop in the Freckly Flower print which was pretty cute (those came home with me) and a couple of brand new Stuff Your Bras in --- a solid Flash Light and two or three others (might have been solid black and solid white and another color but I cannot recall since it isn't a style I love on me) --- so perhaps they heard the outcry when the US got no more of those.

Sara said...

I really hope to see those teal All the Right Places pants. I haven't had any seam issues and they fit really well.

Anonymous said...

Not loving the color palette...Tofino Teal and Rosewood...not very summery imho.

Anonymous said...

Oh originally I looked at this on a mobile device and thought I would want the Tofino Teal ls swiftly. Now I see it's striped so easy pass. As for the so-called TT swiftly tank, why are they calling both of those Tofino Teal? One is deep and the other muted and washed out. And the tights are all a nice, deep colour. Yes indeed nature varies (and I've been to Tofino) but normally when LLL releases a colour it makes sense through all versions. They also just did this with the Jungle Green heathered ls swiftly and the ss version - ss not the same so don't call them the same thing. As for the rosewood swiftly, really? Haven't they already released this version a billion boring times already in the not too distant past? As for the rest: meh. First world problems, indeed.

Anonymous said...

Did the first girl show up late to her modeling gig? Why the wet hair?

Anonymous said...

Ugh...of all things why oh why is the tofino teal swiftly tank so light? Grrr.... It almost looks like caspian blue shade of light. Frustrating!

Anonymous said...

Can I just say---you rock for keeping this blog going! I don't know how often people say it but it needs to be said! One of my favorite parts of the day is having the opportunity to scope out upcoming lulu items whether I buy anything or not. :)

loving the new tofino teal.

LuluAddict said...

@fabulous - thanks!

@lululover - there is a manifesto-type print out in Tofino Teal in a Cool Racerback. Hopefully, a photo will surface today that I can use.

@ anon 5:22 am - I know about the rosewood ls swifly - looks like various plum and bordeaux ones.

@ anon 7:12 am - I know. It's nice but I'd love a saturated one.

@ anon 6:13 am - lol

gordonsgrl said...

Agreed. I'm not a fan of muted colors especially a fall palette in May. Then again my wallet needs a break

Anonymous said...

@ anon 5:22 AM - totally agree with you!! why do they call those colors the same when they look so different??!!

Anonymous said...

tofino teal is very close to caspian blue, yes it should be a little darker. I still think it is a nice color.


Anonymous said...

@gordonsgrl - it is autumn (fall) in Australia!

Anonymous said...

I had been calling stores obsessively after it first came out but finally stopped because I was starting to worry about my sanity ;) I would say it's going to be an online only thing which makes me sad.

Anonymous said...

You can call GEC and they will track one down for you in the US. SKU number is 3655969. If you don't have that it makes it much harder for them to search for you.