Saturday, May 7, 2016

2016 SeaWheeze Half Marathon Registration Shorts - Mine Finally Arrived!

lululemon seawheeze-2016-half-marathon tracker-shorts

lululemon seawheeze-2016-half-marathon tracker-shorts
My SeaWheeze Half Marathon registration shorts came today - yay! I think I got a "good" pair in terms of color and the photo vignettes shown on the shorts. I took them outside to better show the colors since these the women's shorts tend to look very washed out in indoor light. They're more colorful than I anticipated but the colors are rather sombre and a interesting departure from previous years. I'll be interested to see the palette of the showcase store.

I also bought a pair of mens T.H.E. shorts which I should get in a few days. I'll put up some photos of those when they arrive.

lululemon seawheeze-2016-half-marathon tracker-shorts

lululemon seawheeze-2016-half-marathon-shorts
Log and shoreline.

lululemon seawheeze-2016 tracker-shorts

lululemon seawheeze-half-marathon tracker-shorts

lululemon seawheeze-2016-half-marathon tracker-shorts
The 2016 SeaWheeze logo with a pentagon surrounding the lululemon symbol. We'll be seeing lots of fives this year, since this is the 5th SeaWheeze.

lululemon-seawheeze-2016-half-marathon tracker-shorts

lululemon seawheeze-2016 tracker-shorts

lululemon seawheeze-2016 tracker-shorts mens-tag
The men have a black tag.

lululemon seawheeze-2016 envelope

lululemon seawheeze-2016 envelope-pouch

lululemon seawheeze-2016 envelope-logo

lululemon seawheeze-2016 envelope-flap
I really love this year's pouch - a manilla envelope containing our "mission".

lululemon seawheeze-2016-site
The banner on the SeaWheeze site.

lululemon seawheeze-2016 shorts-liner

lululemon seawheeze-2016 shorts-liner
 The women's shorts are line in Split Pea. The second photo is a comparison to a Heathered Split Pea Cool Racerback.


Luli Designs said...

Great photos! Thanks so much for sharing. I really love the shorts this year and am so excited to see what the colours are for the showcase store.

Anonymous said...

How did you get a pair of men's shorts?!

LuluAddict said...

I bought them from someone who was selling them. There are a number on ebay right now.