Monday, April 18, 2016

Pure Practice Bra and Pant, Deep Zinfandel Real Quick Crop and More

lululemon pure-practice-bra-pant
Pure Practice Pant and Bra. This photo is from a US store.

lululemon blurry-belle-speed-short black-swiftly-tank

lululemon blurry-belle-speed-short black-swiftly-tank
Blurry Belle Speed Shorts and Black Swiftly Tank.

lululemon posey-sculpt-tank deep-zinfandel-real-quick-crop
Posey Sculpt Tank and Deep Zinfandel Real Quick Crop


Anonymous said...

I have been debating whether to order the Real Quick crops for bootcamp type classes but the reviews seem to say they are not comfortable behind the knee - would love to hear if any ladies on this blog have any thoughts on those. Thanks!

Christina V said...

LOVE my Real Quick Crops! I have shorter legs and they are slightly gathered around the knee but not at all uncomfortably. I wear them for boot camp and cardio classes all the time.

stylistadiva1 said...

OMG I love those Blurry Belle speed shorts! Just when I thought I did NOT need another pair of speeds...

Anonymous said...

7:50 i just got those speed shorts and I love them, they look better in real life than in the photos. the inside of the waist band is a light yellow. I got mine at the NYC 5th ave store and it was the last size 4.