Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Making Moves Tights, Making Moves LS, and More

Making Moves Tight and Define Pullover

Making Moves LS. Supposedly the pleated material is Swift.

Photo: Zparkle Productions
Deep Zinfandel Essentials Bag

Salute the Sun Tanks in Boom Juice, Kayak (or maybe Lakeside Blue), Sea Mist, and Lilac. Lilac is in  US stores now.

Who doesn't like a nice bicep to brighten their morning? :P  T.H.E. Crewneck and Pace Breaker Shorts. For some reason lululemon is putting out a ton of Pace Breakers with prints on them. It makes shopping for my husband tough since he is picky about prints and I don't find most of the Pace Breaker prints that appealing. I lucked out and got him a pair of solid Lakeside Blue Pace Breakers for Valentine's Day but I am hoping there will be more solids available around Father's Day.

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Anonymous said...

Having the same issue with finding solid core shorts for my husband.