Monday, April 11, 2016

Making Moves LS, Blurry Belle Wunder Unders, and More

lululemon making-moves-ls blurry-belle-wunder-under-crops
Making Moves LS and Blurry Belle Hi Rise Wunder Under Crops. This is from a US store.

lululemon seven-wonders-sculpt-tank hero-pace-rivals
Seven Wonders Sculpt Tank, Hero Blue Pace Rival Crops and Baller Cap.

lululemon ready-and-go-tank
Lilac Ready and Go Tank, Var City Crops.

lululemon lilac-swiftly-ss posey-real-quick-crops
 Lilac Swiftly SS and Posey Real Quick Crops

lululemon deep-zinfandel flow-and-go-tight
Lilac What the Sport SS and Deep Zinfandel Flow and Go Tights

lululemon precision-jacket deep-zinfandel-wunder-unders

lululemon precision-jacket deep-zinfandel-wunder-unders

lululemon precision-jacket deep-zinfandel-wunder-unders
Precision Jacket, Yogi Racerback, and Deep Zinfandel Wunder Under Pants.


Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha that first pic the top looks like an accordion file, hate it alot!!! The only thing lulu does any good anymore are just repeats of designs from the good ole days, CRB, swiftly tops, most tights are great, most new tops are crap, they keep changing the scuba away from the side panel lined hood awesome one to cheap imitations!!! Hate them most of the time, oh also the speed shorts always 4 way stretch never that light as air wet dry 2 way material from when they first came out w/ them quite a few years ago anyhow!!!!!

Megan Darnell said...

So the making moves LS Is in us stores but not online ? Ugh that's weird.

Unknown said...

I tried the Making a moves LS tonight and really liked it so much so that I bought the black..also tried the blurry belle WUC Hi rise but left those..I'd rather have the print in the real quick tight which I hear is coming :)
I ended up going with the Size 10 in the top as it was a little more snug in the arms in my normal size 8.

Anonymous said...

Gotta say, I love my Ready and Go tank - picked one up at the store last week after I saw it on here. I'm vertically challenged (just about 5' tall) and I found it too long - thinking I might ask them to hem it - but this is the first blousy tank I've been able to get away with. I found the bra part to be TTS and have the right amount of coverage - love the thick braided straps! - and the outer tank to also not be too revealing. It is challenging to keep from getting twisted when you're trying to put it on - and I so wish the bra was detachable. But overall, a win.

Unknown said...

Oh my gosh love those pants <3 if they make high times in that print in luxtreme I won't be able to resist!!

CatepillarInTraining said...

kind of kicking myself that I bought the Blurry Belle CRB last week- I would've much rather had these WU's, of course the tags are still on the CRB so I suppose I could make a swap! I am DEFINITELY going to need the making moves LS. I'm sorry, but that top is SUPER CUTE to throw on after yoga.