Monday, April 18, 2016

Australian Spoilers

Pretty Prism Real Quick Tank

Pretty Prism Gather Me Slightly Jacket

The Run for Days Bra is back. I have a couple of these and find them very supportive.

Pretty Prism Inspire Tights

Rio Nights Speed Track Short

Slate Align Pant IIs


Anonymous said...

These slate align pants look like they have some styling updates just like the crops-- they are missing the double waistband and the inner leg seam looks different.

LuluAddict said...

You are right, they are the Align Pant IIs.

Anonymous said...

I noticed ss scoop swiftly was uploaded in white to US site about 10 days ago, and now solid black scoop swiftly to Aussie side. That makes me so happy to see it back (assuming it comes to US side soon). Do I really need ss reg and scoop, plus LS and tank black swiftly ??? I am such a junkie scoop fan, and add black to the mix and I just can't control myself. I hope the scoop comes in some other awesome colors though.

Anonymous said...

For once I am not envious of Australia's upload.

Rise and Shine said...

Finally! I've been waiting for a run jacket with nice, light colors. Of course, now it's warm enough where I live that I don't need a jacket, but I might have to pull the trigger anyway.