Monday, April 4, 2016

Australian Spoilers

lululemon jungle-swiftly-ss
lululemon kayak-swiftly-ss
This might be an expensive month for me - Heathered Jungle (want!) and Heathered Kayak.

lululemon kayak-swiftly-ls

Kayak Swiftly LS

lululemon jungle-rack-pack-bra
lululemon seven-wonders-bra
New Rack Pack Bra prints in Jungle/Wave Twist and Seven Wonders print.

lululemon samba-snake-sculpt-tank

lululemon seven-wonders-sculpt-tank
Sculpt Tanks in Samba Snake Kayak and Seven Wonders Multi.

lululemon samba-snake-energy-bra
Samba Snake Kayak Hero Energy Bra.

lululemon seven-wonders-free-to-wild
Seven Wonders Free to Be Wild Bra

lululemon seven-wonders-cool-racerback
Seven Wonder Multi Cool Racerback

lululemon samba-snake pace-rival-crops
Hero Kayak Samba Snake Pace Rival Crops

lululemon samba-snake speed-crops
Hero Kayak Samba Snake Speed Crops

lululemon samba-snake speed-tights
Samba Snake Hero Kayak Speed Tights

lululemon samba-snake inspire-tights
Battleship Samba Snake Inspire Tights

lululemon seven-wonders-tracker-shorts
Seven Wonders Tracker Short

lululemon run-ways-duffel
Samba Snake Run Ways Duffel

lululemon samba-snake race-to-place-hate
Samba Snake Race to Place Cap

lululemon seven-wonders-dash-splash
Seven Wonders Dash and Splash Hat


Beth said...

Tried on the new rack pack bra in HK, have to say I'm not impressed with the fit. Hopefully RSYBs aren't gone for good. Liking some of the colors coming in that bra though.

Anonymous said...

Love the seven wonders hat. I am hoping that the seven wonders CRB won't be backed with white, if it is I will likely pass... that is if we get it in Canada.

Anonymous said...

I am going to get the heathered blue kayak in the Swiftly L/S but now seeing it in white heathered blue kayak in the racerback I want it in a Swiftly S/S crew and cross my fingers xxx for a scoop neck! I like black heathered swiftlies but the kayak blue is such a gorgeous blue and to get the true effect of that a colour I prefer it in heathered white especially for summer. The new print in the heathered jungle looks interesting and after so many print disasters of late maybe this one I will like but will have to see it person.

I am still waiting for more spring jackets to get to Canada. Please Lululemon, it's April, how much longer do we have to wait to get Storm Fly, Ain't No Rain and Making Moves Jackets. Also, with a war chest full of awesome colours please give us more options other than black and hero blue. Not only do I love Lululemon jackets for their unique designs, I love their colours that separate their jackets apart from any other brand.

My wish list for summer includes lots of kayak blue and nightfall. I think nightfall pairs so much better with other colours vs lilac which the women got and the men got nightfall. I would love to see a nightfall swiftly, CRB and at the top of my list would be a spring jacket. I can only hope... I know some people may think nightfall is a fall/winter colour but I think it's a colour that works all year round. If LLL is putting out DZ and Deep Green now why not Nightfall?

Anonymous said...

I'm confused by the swiftly heathered kayak pieces. The tank color is completely different than the long sleeve.

reya said...

Is it me or does the heathered kayak swiftly look strikingly similar to the heathered peacock? I'd expect kayak to look less green and more blue.

reya said...

I'm so confused by their colors. The heathered jungle looks more like a Bali breeze. The heathered jungle racer ask we got a couple months ago is so beautiful, I want it in a short or long sleeve. I feel like between countries the colors get mixed up. Remember the sapphire blue? One was heathered with black and the other was a light blue. I wish there was a little more organization with the naming there. Even between racetracks and sleeved shirts there are differences with the same color name. Just my personal feelings. :/

Anonymous said...

What crb will look best with the trackers?

Anonymous said...

I don't like any of this. Maybe the swiftly but I can do without. In the old days I'd never say that I could do without something. Lulu has fallen very far in my eyes. I think i'm finally cured.

Anonymous said...

I realize it's fall down there, but I was hoping to get a preview of which varcity items that are coming! I missed out last year and am super excited to see what this year has in store. I am disappointed the preview in what we love was another navy muscle tank. Here's hoping we don't get the same colors released as last year with a slightly different hue!

reya said...

Apparently I'm not going crazy. They already fixed the colors on the site to lakeside blue. I already feel better Lol

Anonymous said...

YES to all these blues and greens! Really dislike pinks and florals so this is exciting.

Alyssa Jobs said...

WOW. The Jungle and Kayak are breathtaking. Finally, some beautiful colors. Now let's pray the US sees those shirts!

Anonymous said...

ooooo some things are really nice. good job, lulu

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 8:24 am -I think Kayak Blue will look really nice. I also suspect there is a jungle green one coming. I also see Hero Blue and Lilac in the print, even a pale yellow. All of those will look really nice.

Junie B said...

is that rack pack bra function like the Stuff your run one that we never see anymore???

LuluAddict said...

@Junie - yes. It has two big pockets in front. I bought one and really like it. It comes up higher in the front and sides so I think it's better for bustier woman than the Stuff your Bra. If you like the SYB I think you should give it a try.

Anonymous said...

Yippee!! Love blues and greens!!! But don't want to get too excited because sometimes my favorites don't actually make it here or by the time they do, I'm not longer excited about them.

Anonymous said...

Hope we get some more Strap It Like Its Hot bra colors, It's my favorite running bra! Actually keeps the girls in place and no rubbing.

Jen said...

I LOVE the SYB for running, and tried on the Rack Pack in store last week. Came home with it. To me, it fits just like the SYB, with the exception that it has a bit more coverage (not much there, so I really don't need it). Store manager said it's made a bit more like the all sport. But honestly, if the SYB goes away, this will be a good replacement.

Anonymous said...

Oh my, I'm in trouble! I love the colors although I don't like the Seven Wonders print. I adore the Samba Snake print. I hope we get those speed tights, they are gorgeous.

Karin said...

I have been waiting for good colors in the swiftlys for a long time. I think I need to get the short sleeve heathered jungle and the long sleeved heathered kayak. I have been looking for a good color in the long sleeve all winter and now that winter is past I've finally found it. Oh well, I can put it away for next fall.

Anonymous said...

I like the rack pack bra. and yes I am happy as well for all the blue and greens coming up. I just got an onzie bra for yoga that reminds me of the free to be but with more coverage, no boobs hanging out anymore while doing downward dog.