Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Rack Pack vs. Strap It Like It's Hot, Energy Bra, and All Sport Bra

Rack Pack to Strap It Like It's Hot bra. The bra band elastic on the Rack Pack is nearly as wide as the Strap It. I think the Rack Pack also comes up a tad higher in the armpit. The fit on the Rack Pack is a little more relaxed than the Strap It Like It's Hot.

Rack Pack vs. an Energy Bra. The bra band elastic is wider than the Energy bra and the front coverage is higher.

Rack Pack vs. All Sport Bra. The Rack Pack has more front coverage, much better armpit coverage,  and a wider bra band elastic.

I don't have a Stuff Your Bra to compare it to but here are photos on the same lululemon model:

Stuff Your Bra on top and Rack Pack on the bottom. The bra band elastic is wider on the Rack Pack. 


Anonymous said...

Don't like the styling of the Rack Pack bra vs the Run Stuff bra at all. That little middle pocket on the Run Stuff bra is my fave part of it and it's now gone on the Rack Pack bra too. Anyone else have issues saying "Rack Pack"? It doesn't flow off the tongue very well at all :P

I sure hope this isn't a replacement for the Run Stuff bra. I might #rage if it is. Especially since the U.S. buyer didn't see fit to have us get the Run Stuff bra last season beyond the first release of 3 colors so I couldn't really stock up in case they discontinue it - like all my other favorite pieces.

Anonymous said...

LLA, which OC store did you get your bra at? I think you're a 12 like me so I want to make sure I go to the store you didn't visit since stores seem to only get one 12. I like how this bra is similar to the RSYB but has some of my fav parts of the SILIH, namely the higher chest and sides since I get side fat if the bra isn't cut high enough into my armpit. That was my biggest issue with the RSYB.

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 11:46 pm - the Fashion Island store. The Paradise Geo one in 12 was already gone there yesterday, too. I didn't check the Flare one. I agree about the RSYB - I seem to remember armpit fat, cleavage, and a lot of bouncing when I tried it on.

Anonymous said...

LLA I was waiting for a comparison. thank you, I really appreciate your input. I can't believe they changed a perfect design and re named it that weird name.
I am glad I have 4 stuff your bras, I will still give this new one a try just to see how the 2 compare.