Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Boom Juice Align Pants, &Go Take Off Tee, and More

lululemon star-pixel tight-stuff-tight light-speed-ls

lululemon star-pixel tight-stuff-tight light-speed-ls

lululemon star-pixel tight-stuff-tight sculpt-tank
Raspberry/Bordeaux Star Pixel Tight Stuff Tights, shown with a Light Speed LS and Boom Juice Sculpt Tank.

lululemon star-pixel tight-stuff-tight light-speed-ls

lululemon lace-play tight-stuff-tight light-speed-ls
Light Speed LS, Ray Power Y, and Lace Play Tight Stuff Tights

lululemon boom-juice-align sculpt-tank
Sculpt Tank and Boom Juice Align Pants

lululemon ready-set-sweat-tank inspire-tight
Ready Set Sweat Tank and Heathered Black Inspire Tights.

lululemon strap-it-like-it's-hot-bra
Lakeside Blue Strap It Like It's Hot Bra

lululemon love-tee jogger-pant

lululemon love-tee jogger-pant
Love Tee and &Go Jogger Pant

lululemon love-tee align-pant

lululemon love-tee align-pant definitely-raining-jacket desert-olive

lululemon align-pant
Desert Olive Definitely Raining Jacket, Align Pant, and Love Tee

lululemon &go-take-off-tee

lululemon &go-take-off-tee

lululemon &go-take-off-tee stop-at-nothing-crop
&Go Take Off Tee and Stop At Nothing Crop

lululemon skyline-jacket
Enhearten Tank, Interval LS, and Skyline Jacket

lululemon sprinkler-tee
Sprinkler Love Tee


Unknown said...

LOVE the Love Tee in sprinkler! Bring on some spring colours lulu!

Anonymous said...

OT- Sweaty Betty has a similar "confetti" pattern in a new legging:

Courtney said...

I love the Light Speed LS, but the reviews seems a little mixed. Some people love it, some people have had problems with it rolling up at the hem. I was in the store last night, and it did look like it had the potential for unraveling. Does anyone have any experience with this shirt? I would hate to pay that much and have it not last the first wash.

LuluAddict said...

@Courtney - I tried it on last year but didn't love the unfinished hems on the bottom and sleeve. I didn't think it was worth $20 over LS Swiftly tops.

Anonymous said...

Courtney@8:01 AM

I bought two last and navy. The weight and the ventilation are awesome. What bugged me...1. the neck binding has no stretch, so it can be a bit more difficult to put on and take off, depending on head size. Not a deal breaker, but...2. the short stretches out over time...only gets back to original shape when washed. 3.The hem rolls because it seamless and unfinished. That is the nature of that particular construction, so if that bothers you don't get it.

I got rid of both of mine, but now feel myself being potentially sucked in to the cool breeze. None of the above were deal breakers for me on an individual basis, but all 3 combined make me more hesitant. The biggest things for me was the stretching out. Regardless, I'll probably get the cool breeze.

Anonymous said...

I have it from a previous release. Luv it. It doesn't snag as easy as a swiftly. No unraveling and I wash it in the washer - gentle. The neckline doesn't stretch so getting it on and off is kinda tough. I also really like that I can pull my sleeves up when it gets a bit warm.

Anonymous said...

6:58 the santa marta tight from sweaty betty is really awesome. the material is a lot like the lulu swim, but it holds it's shape better.
The price is insane $165 US.