Monday, February 8, 2016

Australian Spoilers

lululemon capoeira-multi energy-bra

lululemon capoeira-multi free-to-be-wild-bra

lululemon capoeira-multi free-to-be-wild-bra
lululemon capoeira-multi flow-y-bra
lululemon capoeira-multi wunder-under-crop

lululemon capoeira-multi wunder-under-pant

Capoeira Multi Print Energy Bra, Free to Be Wild Bra, Flow Y Bra, Wunder Under Crops and Pants.

lululemon salute-the-sun-tank tiger-space-dye
lululemon salute-the-sun-tank tiger-space-dye
lululemon salute-the-sun-tank boom-juice
The Salute the Sun Tank has been updated to the II version - it's lost the back slit. Shown in Tiger Space Dye and Boom Juice.

lululemon essentials-bag
Black Essentials bag. I hope we get this this week. 

lululemon high-times-metta dandy-digie-porcelaine

lululemon power-y dandy-digie-porcelaine
Dandy Digie Porcelaine High Times Metta and Power Y.

lululemon high-times-metta hero-blue

lululemon high-times-metta black
Hero Blue and Black High Times Metta

lululemon boom-juice lighten-up-tank

lululemon boom-juice free-to-be-bra
Boom Juice Lighten Up Tank and Free to Be Bra

lululemon dandy-digie enhearten-tank
lululemon hero-blue enhearten-tank
Dandy Digie and Hero Blue Enhearten Tank

lululemon hero-blue tight-stuff-crop
Hero Blue Tight Stuff Crops

lululemon miss-mosaic-lakeside-blue ta-ta-tamer
Miss Mosaic Lakeside Blue Ta Ta Tamer


Unknown said...

Any idea how the essentials bag will compare to the Festival Bag. I picked up a Festival Bag this weekend at a local store, but I'm a little on the fence about it. I think it's something that I would use more when it warms up and I'm outside more. TIA!

Unknown said...
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Anonymous said...

I love the look of the updated Salute the Sun tank. Can anyone tell me how this fits? I would guess on the looser side.

Anonymous said...

omg that mesh in those high times! makes it look like your thighs split your pants!!

Anonymous said...

9:05AM LOL that's exactly what it looks like. Oops. Wish they would lay off the mesh a little, most times it is not that attractive looking.

Anonymous said...

Yikes, more mesh! Not my thing, but hoping for more solid High Times for those of us not into the mesh and crazy prints. Also, that Capriora print is just hideous.

Anonymous said...

the capoera print is inspired by the upcoming olympics in Brazil.


LuluAddict said...

@Laura - I'm hoping it'll be bigger. It definitely looks larger from the photos.

Anonymous said...

I like the looks of the updated Salute the Sun tank. The old version did nothing for me. In fact, I had to go see what the old version looked like because I couldn't remember. I guess this will have to be my pseudo-replacement for the 105f for now... :/

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 3:59 pm - I hope it fits more like the 105F. Crossing my fingers that is comes in a 12 since it only went to the 10 in Australia.

Anonymous said...

I got the capoeira wuc. Love the bright print. Goes with lots of colours. Boom juice alarming peach and not sure what shade of blue it has. Maybe it's the portuguese blood in me. Lol. But I like different things and I can tone this down with solid crb. If it comes in speeds I may get those instead

BIA said...

I LOVE that long sleeve white mesh open back top she is wearing with the capoeria WUC. What top is that?

Unknown said...

So upset with the new design of the salute the sun tank... Better go buy out all of the first one

Anonymous said...

The capoeria print might work in brazil or if you're a size 2 or 4, but it's just hideous and unflattering for most people. Can't believe how cheap the prints look these days! I'm supposed to shell out $98 for these bad boys? I can buy that clown print at Walmart for $20.

awdo said...

I second BIAs post!!