Tuesday, January 26, 2016

&Go Take You There Wrap, Pleat to Street Hoodie, &Go Skyline Hoodie, and More

Pleat to Street Hoodie. (Thanks to Ms. K. for her photos.)

Photo: Alex CD

Photo: Alex CD
Some photos of the new &Go Take You There Wrap. (Thanks to Ms. K. for her in-store photos.)

New Interval LS, &Go Pleat to Street Hoodie, and &Go City Trek Trouser. Also shown is the Ready Set Sweat Tank and Fatigue Cotton Wunder Under Crops. I think the Interval LS is made of Seriously Light Luon.

&Go On the Go LS, made of rulu,  and &Go  On the Go Jogger (I think)

&Go Take You There Trouser (Thanks to Ms. K. for her photos.)

&Go Take Off LS & Go On the Go Jogger

&Go Skyline Hoodie


Anonymous said...

I saw the new hoodie and wrap today and was not impressed but even if I had liked them I don't need another bordeaux jacket or wrap.

I tried on the &go On The Go LS and it's light luon, not rulu, but it feels almost like rulu, it's very soft and quite thick. It's TTS but snug fitting. This top is very long which I like because it totally covered my bum but the sleeves were way too long. There are little seams that come out from the neck on to the shoulder which is a very nice detail. Very nice top, I liked the bordeaux but geez LLL please give us more colours other than GREY, BLACK & BORDEAUX.

I also tried on the &go On The Go Joggers and they are a great pant, fit beautifully, very slimming but they are $148. and I just couldn't spend that much. These lined swiftly joggers are similar to Track to Reality Pants except the leg hem on these are not cuffed and are shorter. I don't recall spending that much on my Track to Reality pants. If this is going to be the new norm for pant pricing I won't be buying as many as I used to. Case in point, I loved these but didn't buy them because of the price.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I made a mistake on the price for & go On The Go Joggers, they are 128.00, the trousers are 148.

OttawaLuluLover said...

Couldn't agree more with the comments above.. Could Lululemon bring out a different color trio for once, rather than bordeaux, light grey, dark grey and black.. Almost all wraps & hoodies have been in these colors this year! Why would I buy two bordeaux hoodies, particularly if they all look so similar! I loved the alberta lake turn jacket because it was such a beautiful & different color.. no wonder it sold out in hours!

Anonymous said...

It's so true OttawaLululover said... Almost everything this season has come out in either black, grey and bordeaux. It doesn't seem right that these are the only choices they give us in a season when they have so many wonderful colours that they could give us. How about a black grape or zinfandel wrap. I really miss zinfandel and we only got the Cinched Pullover in that colour, nothing else this season. Take a look at all the tops and jackets and almost everyone one comes in black, grey, shades of grey, bordeaux and MAYBE a few pieces give us one other colour.

Anonymous said...

Off the Lulu subject, but does anyone know where the boots are from in the pic with the Navy On the Go Jogger? Walking outside next to the door?

Anonymous said...

JCrew carries those duck boots every year. By Sperry. You can also find the "Bean Boots" by LL Bean