Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Hong Kong Spoilers

lululemon runderful-half-zip
Runderful Half Zip Space Dye Camo Berry Rumble

lululemon tight-stuff-tight
New Tight Stuff Tight in Sequin Dot Design

lululemon scuba-iii
Swift Current Fatigue Scuba III

lululemon stop-at-nothing-crop
Stop At Nothing in Naval Blue Space Dye Twist

lululemon wunder-under fatigue-twist
Slate/Fatigue Space Dye Twist WUPs

lululemon power-y space-dye-twist
Naval Blue/Flare Space Dye Twist Power Y


Anonymous said...

Now that's my kinda Power Y!

Anonymous said...

My sympathies HK! Nothing even remotely appealing.

The Runderful Half Zip Space Dye Camo Berry Rumble is not attractive to me at all. The color combo is not attractive and the dark trim is awful. I like the New Tight Stuff Tight in Sequin Dot Design...however, until LLL fixes the back of the knee issue, I'm not buying anymore (I have two pairs).

Feels like LLL is going overboard with the spaced twist. The issue is when they use a dark contrast color in the stripe vs a more tonal color (like the slate/fatigue WUP in the photo above) and then they do not match the stripes on the legs/body, it looks awful. Sticks out like a sore thumb. The worst example was released today in the inspire tight space dye twist naval blue very light flare/very light flare. the front legs don't match each other. The back legs don't match each other. The front and back of each leg does not match. The crotch are looks ridiculous. I have no issue paying $98, but the stripes damn well better be pattern matched.

Anonymous said...

I have not been into the "Runderful" pieces at all this winter. The pants were so ill-fitting and who wants to spend that amount of time getting pants on then arranging them to look half decent, no thanks! The 1/2 for a few reasons held me back from purchasing it. I don't like the colour blocking of the neck and cuffs, the seam under the bust and most importantly I didn't like the neck. I would have much preferred a rulu fabric snug neck vs. the ribbed fabric which on me didn't feel soft or snug. Canada's colour choices sucked as well.

Alyssa Jobs said...

Boring . . . . how about a plain peacock CRB or a peacock SS that isn't teal. Or some plain lullaby SS. None of this is appealing . . .

Anonymous said...

I love the look of the Tight Stuff Sequin --but what is the issue people are having with the back of the knee? Thanks!

Kim said...

Did anyone notice that there are no more Scuba II on the Lululemon website? I thought they were going to continue with them but only on the website and not in stores?

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 5:52 AM - echo your sentiments precisely. Once you have Dog Runners from a few years ago, you cannot wear the Runderful pant (well, I won't). They fit me (I did a try on only) and didn't bunch in the crotch or do unibutt that reviews are complaining of. But, the amount of fussing: no thanks. Dog Runners you barely have to do anything and they are just a better pant overall, imho. I didn't even think the Runderful pant marked down price of $79 Canadian was worth it. Maybe, MAYBE if I could have gotten them for $49 I would have bought them.

And yes, no nice CRBs like a solid peacock, emerald green, a nice true red (non-orangey). Dumb light flare again (and we just had Grapefruit almost exactly the same) and Ray. zzzzz so uncreative and uninspiring.

Anonymous said...

I don't like the fit of the Runderful 1/2 zips, but I do think that new color would look great in a 5 mile long sleeve. Hint, hint, Lulu, if you're reading!

Anonymous said...

@ anon 11:41 AM
the knee issue on the Tight Stuff Tight is that the fabric is super compressive..a good thing imho. However, the designers added a seam that hits at the back of the knee, so when you bend your knee, you really feel the seam due to the compression and it's not comfortable at all. The seam needs to be moved. I think it's a great pant other than that.

Forget sitting around in this pant. Good thing it's a running pant...just don't bend your knees much.

Anonymous said...

I think they are discontinuing the Scuba II in favor of the Scuba III as they DID say they were only offering them online going forward, but now they've seemed to have changed their minds. Being under 5'3" I don't like the Scuba III as it doesn't work as well and bunches out in the middle, but I guess two types of Scubas, one at a lower price, are not in our future.

Anonymous said...

@Kim - yes, they discontinued scooba II.... I had a feeling this would happen as soon as I saw all colors on MD a few weeks ago. Sad day since I hate scooba III (too thin and baggy on me).

Anonymous said...

I thought so too when I saw them all on markdown so I bought two of them, on Angel wing and another one in print to stock up. I hate the scuba IIl on me too!

Anonymous said...

I love the GE's. (sarcasm). I bought a scuba II on final sale at the store and asked the GD if they were discontinuing them. She said No, but "they circulate rumors like that so people like you will buy them". That was totally a rude response, making me feel like a chump for buying a scuba II. However, now I'm glad a have several of them (including the one I bought then!) if they are discontinuing them.
I have one scuba III, which was the one with teeny tiny light grey and off white stripes which was one of the first scuba III's to come out, and although I love it, I haven't loved any of the other III's I've tried on. It's not the colors, it's the fit. I must have bought the anomaly scuba III.
Now I wish I would have bought more when they were on MD :(