Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Hong Kong Spoilers - Including the Thursday Upload/Black Friday Holiday Special Edition Items

The Hong Kong upload included most, if not all, the upcoming special edition items. From top to bottom: the Run and Done Ear Warmer, Run Fast Neck Warmer, Race to Place Hat, Speed Short, Speed Tight, Pace Tight, and Race With Grace Pullover.  The prices for these items were covered here.

A cute new light rulu top is coming - this is the Align and Define LS Tee. I think I'm going to need this one. Hong Kong also got this in black.

Special Edition "Shine On" Cool Racerbacks with mesh back and new necklines and racerback shape. I don't think I care for these. Shown in Berry Rumble and Pigment Wave.

Special Edition "Shine On" Energy bras in Pigment Wave, Black, and Deep Dive print. I definitely want to order one of there to try.

Berry Rumble Fluffed Up Jacket. There is also an Inkwell version.

Special Edition "Shine On" Define Jacket in Berry Rumble. I don't care for this tweak at all.

Berry Rumble Swiftly Tank

Berry Rumble Wunder Under Crop
Deep Dive Berry Rumble Scuba

Special Edition Deep Dive Berry Rumble Wunder Under Pants.

Dramatic Static Runderful Pant

Weave Pace Tights

Pigment Wave Speed Tights. These are in Canada already.

Pigment Wave Pace Tight

Weave Speed Tight

Apex Stripe Mind and Body Kit

Berry Rumble In Flux Jacket


Sorry for the late update on the upload. A very boring upload so I guess the Thursday one will be full of goodies.

Wind Runner Softshell
Amazing Neck Warmer *Sherpa. 

Lulu Pant IIs. The US only got these to a size ten and not in solid black so I won't be getting a new pair.
Dragonfly Salute the Sun Tank.

 Bordeaux Runderful Pant (CAN)

Black Grape High Times (CAN)

 Amazing Leg Warmer
Interesting new Nouveau Limits tank but the $68 price tag is off-putting. I'll wait to try this in a store.

Slate High Times

 Slate Power Y
 Space Dye Camo Forage Teal Define Jacket. I'll wait to see this in a store.

The US got the Tech Fleece/Soft Shell Wind Runner Pants this week.

Nothing for, did you get anything?