Friday, November 20, 2015

The Latest What We Love

Oooh! I think I need this. Really love this - so much cuter than the Fleecy Keen, and I love the color.

I love this, too. Just love the weave detail at the calf. Ugh, I am not a tight fan in general - I find them too warm for my climate - but I might make an exception for these.

Yes!! Lulu Pant IIs have returned. One of my favorite sweatpant styles of all time. So glad to see these are back.  I think I need a pair. I think they were last out in 2011. I've been babying mine to make them last longer.

Ugh, these were on my wish list but I think have been knocked off in favor of that fleece jacket and the new Lulu Pant IIs. I might still order them, though.

These are already in US stores. 

Next week starts the twice-a-week uploads on Tuesdays and Thursdays.