Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Sapphire Blue Align Pants, Forage Teal Kanto Half Zip, and More

lululemon down-for-a-run-vest tender-violet

lululemon down-for-a-run-vest tender-violet

lululemon down-for-a-run-vest tender-violet
Tender Violet Down for a Run Vest. Shown with a black Define and Urban Warrior Duffel.

lululemon urban-warrior-duffel
Tender Violet Urban Warrior Duffel

lululemon down-for-a-run-vest-jacket-pullover tender-violet forage-teal
Down for a Run Pullover, Jacket, and Vest


Sapphire Blue Align Pant and Dramatic Static Define


Forage Teal Kanto Catch Me Half Zip

HK Spoilers - Sprinkler Pique!

Take my money, lululemon!!! Sprinkler Pique Runderful LS. Crossing fingers this is coming in Tender Violet, Bordeaux/Berry Rumble, and Forage Teal. 

There is a heathered black "rulu" version, too, but it's that terrible scratchy rulu. 

There is a half zip version, too - Runderful Pullover. I don't love the horizontal chest seam and I wish the collar zipped up a bit higher. However, depending on what colors it comes in I might have to hold my nose on the styling.

Hustle in Your Bustle Jacket

Seriously Light Just Chillin Dress

Raspberry Glo Enhearten Tank

Sapphire Diamond Jacquard Space Dye Daily Practice Jacket

Fleur Sombre Caspian Speed Shorts

Fleur Sombre Caspian Speed Tights. I kind of like these.

Space Dye Camo Tender Violet High Times

Shadow Wrap Tight Stuff Tights


The big news was the Tender Violet Down for a Run Jacket and Vest uploaded tonight. These are so pretty.

The US got just the Tender Violet but Canada got the Forage Teal Pique, too. The website identifies it as herringbone but that's incorrect.

Very cute Raspberry Glo/Jeweled Magenta Flashback Static Speed Shorts. (US)

Raspberry Glo Run Times Shorts (US)

Canada got a Raspberry Glo Energy Bra. I might need this when it arrives here.

The US got a Raspberry Glo Race to Place Hat. I ordered this.

Kayak Free Flow Short (CAN)

Tender Violet Flashback Static and Sapphire Shadow Wrap Energy Bras (CAN).

The US finally got the Sweat It Out Racer tops. I ordered the Bon Bon to try.

Sapphire Align Pant

Flashback Static Pace Rival Crops (US). I want these but I don't think they come in a 12.

Bon Bon Wild Tank (CAN)

Bordeaux Scuba III

The US got the Intrinsic Tanks.

Yogini 5 Year LS in Bold Violet. I debated getting this but want to see it in the store. I'm afraid it'll be on the thin side.

Flashback Static Wunder Under Crop

Tender Violet Flashback Static Festival Bag

Fleur Sombre Dragonfly Kayak Pace Rival Skirt

Jeweled Magenta Flashback Static and solid JM Oxygen Bra (CAN)

Jeweled Magenta Daily Practice Jacket (CAN)

Sapphire Om The Day Bag (CAN)

Wind Runner Softshell/Tech Fleece Pant (CAN)

Just the hat and Sweat It Out Racer top for me this week. Did you get anything?