Monday, November 2, 2015

Australian Spoilers

Passion Crops IIIs in Flashback Static Powder Pink Kayak Blue

Pace Tights in Fleur Sombre Kayak Blue/Dragonfly

Pace Rival Crops in Flashback Static Kayak Blue

New All Sport Bra III in Fleur Sombre print in two colorways. The adjustable closure has been ditched - yay!

Speed Shorts in Fleur Sombre print.

White/Fleur Sombre Silver Spoon Speed Shorts

Seriously Light Luon Track Tee in Bleached Coral and Kayak Blue.

Bleached Coral Cool Racerback

New Tight Stuff Crops in Pigment Wind Cadet Naval Blue. I like these and the print but I'm dreading hearing the price.

Race to Place Hat in Silver Spoon Fleur Sombre print. I like this.