Tuesday, October 6, 2015

City Trek Trouser, 1X a Lady Jacket, Sunset Savasana Pullover, and More

lululemon city-trek-trouser

lululemon city-trek-trouser

lululemon city-trek-trouser savasana-pullover

lululemon city-trek-trouser savasana-pullover

lululemon city-trek-trouser savasana-pullover

lululemon city-trek-trouser girlfriend
City Trek Trousers with a Circadian LS, Sunset Savasana Pullover, and a Girlfriend Tee.

lululemon fuel-green-studio-pant

lululemon fuel-green-studio-pant
Dark Fuel Studio Pants

lululemon mountain-peaks wunder-under-pant

lululemon mountain-peaks wunder-under-pant

lululemon mountain-peaks wunder-under-pant

lululemon mountain-peaks wunder-under-pant

lululemon sunset-savasana-pullover
Sunset Savasana Pullover and Mountain Peaks Wunder Unders

lululemon scuba-iii bark-berry
Bark Berry Scuba III

lululemon peace-collective cool-racerback
Special Edition Peace Collective Cool Racerback

lululemon sunset-savanasa-pullover laser-wunder-under

lululemon sunset-savanasa-pullover laser-wunder-under
Fuel Green Laser Wunder Unders and Sunset Savasana Sweater

lululemon city-jogger

lululemon city-jogger

lululemon city-jogger
City Jogger Pants

lululemon gator-zone-in-crop
Gator Zone In Crops

lululemon 1x-a-lady

lululemon 1x-a-lady

lululemon 1x-a-lady

lululemon 1x-a-lady

lululemon 1x-a-lady

lululemon 1x-a-lady

lululemon 1x-a-lady soft-earth

lululemon 1x-a-lady
1x a Lady Jacket


lululemon peace-collective-cool-racerback
Canada got special edition Peace Collective Cool Racerbacks. These are nearly gone, both on line and in stores. 

lululemon deep-navy-cool-racerback
The US got the Deep Navy Cool Racerback. I ordered this to try.

lululemon cosmic-teal-space-dye-twist wunder-under-crop
The Cosmic Teal Sapphire Twist Wunder Under Crops came in hi-rise and regular on the US side, regular waist only in Canada. They're labeled luxtreme. I ordered the regular rise to try.

lululemon deep-camo-scuba

lululemon bark-berry-scuba

Canada got Deep Camo and Bark Berry Scuba IIIs.

lululemon denim-scuba-ii
US got a Denim Scuba II

lululemon dark-fuel-studio-pant
lululemon wine-berry-studio-pant
The US got Studio Pants in Dark Fuel and Wine Berry.

lululemon wrap-it-up-sweater

lululemon wrap-it-up-sweater

lululemon wrap-it-up-sweater
Canada got Wrap It Up Sweaters in Mink Berry and Light Gray.

Canada got the Sapphire Define.

Meshed Up Tank came to both countries. I'll wait to try this in the store.


lululemon-sapphire-swiftly half-zip
Sapphire Swiftly LS and Half Zip.

Canada got the Desert Teal Swiftly Tank. I want this one.

Forage Teal Circadian Tank (US)

The US got 1x a Lady jackets.

lululemon-dark-fuel-laser wunder-under-crop
Dark Fuel Laser Wunder Under Crop (US)

Canada got Sprinkler Painted Animal Pace Rival Crops

lululemon-painted-animal cool-racerback
Sprinkler Painted Animal CRB (CAN)

Bordeaux All the Right Places Pant

lululemon zone-in bordeaux
Bordeaux Zone In Crop

lululemon-cotton-wunder-under-pant teal

 lululemon-cotton-wunder-under-pant wine-berry
 Forage Teal Stripe and Wine Berry Stripe Cotton Wunder Under Pants. I'm not sure why these are called WUPS since the seaming is nothing like Wunder Unders.

lululemon-desert-teal ebb-to-street
Desert Teal Ebb to Street Pants

lululemon-high-times dramatic statuc
Dramatic Static High Times

Forage Teal Exquisite Crop (CAN)

lululemon skinny groove cyber-stripe
Cyber Stripe Skinny Grooves

lululemon bordeaux-high-times
Heathered Bordeaux High Times (US)

lululemon herringbone-jet-crop-slim
Herringbone Jet Crop Slim Pant (CAN)

lululemon baller-cap-felt wine-berry

lululemon baller-cap-felt wine-berry

lululemon baller-cap-felt dark-fuel
New Felt Baller Hats in Wine Berry and Dark Fuel. (US)

lululemon bundle-up-scarf
Black Bundle Up Scarf

lululemon sup-hat clouded-dreams
Clouded Dreams Sapphire Sup Hat (US)

lululemon dark-fuel daily-practice-jacket
 Dark Fuel Daily Practice Jacket (CAN)

lululemon merino-warrior-scarf
Merino Wool Warrior Scarf

lululemon painted-animal tracker
Painted Animal Tracker Short

lululemon race-to-place hat reflective
Starry Night Black Race to Place Cap (US)

lululemon follow-your-bliss-bag wine-berry
 Wine Berry Follow Your Bliss Bag

Cherry Cheetah Energy Bra (US)

Sapphire with Sprinkler Blue Strap Energy Bra (US). This is temping.

Did you get anything today?