Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Sea Wheeze 2016 Registration - It's Always an Adventure

So, did you get in? Jeebus, that almost gave me a heart attack. Contrary to the advice given on the Sea Wheeze Facebook page to use a desktop or laptop it turned out that the mobile app and iPads saved the day for most of the people who got in. There was definitely no going in order from the waiting room.  From posts on our Sea Wheeze faceboook group it seemed like the race was essentially sold out by about 13 minutes in. It was officially declared sold out around 10:30 am. The latest post I saw a person who got in came in around 10:25 am. My sister and I had our laptops and desktops refreshing right before 10 am but got put into waiting room hell right away and ended out timing out in there. We switched to the Event Brite app by about 10:02-03 am and got ourselves in. We then got my older niece - it will be Sea Wheeze number four for her - in around 10:06 am and I got my nephew in around 10:08 am. I was getting this message for a few minutes until a slot opened up:

And I think I finished up with his entry around 10:13. My sister tried registering her last daughter around10:13 am and got the no inventory message in the middle of registering. It seems people randomly got in after about 10:09 when other people closed open registration windows until the whole thing was gone around 10:25 or so.

I heard of very few people that got in via laptop or PC. I had an iMac and MacBook going with multiple browsers and ended up in waiting room hell. My sister had non-apple products so that wasn't a discriminator. I also have nicely fast internet access and we were working from different states.

Oh yeah, and this will hit hard for those that didn't get in - I read one very sad post from a legacy runner who did not get in -  last night at 6 pm, lululemon had a special registration event for one hour for employees. Rumor is 1500 slots - 15%! - were set aside but not all were used. Update - reading 700 signed up. So, nicely done, lululemon - nothing was done for legacy runners but employees didn't even fill the slots set aside for them. I'm hoping these are some sort of hedging slots to cover the 25% no show rate the race typically has but I believe permitting restricts lululemon to only about 10,000 runners. So, maybe they can only officially sell 10,017 slots but the actual bib number exceeds that. I looked at the bib numbers last year and they went into the 12,000 range, though the 11,000-12,000 range was not used.

Tell us your story - did you get in? What devices did you use and what time did you have success? If you were on a desktop or laptop and got in did you even pass through the waiting room? I am dying to figure out how this worked.