Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Hong Kong Spoilers

Angel Wing/Butterfly print Wrap It Up Tank

New Sunset Salutation Tank. The Free to Be-looking bra is built in.

Go Steady Bra

New Luxtreme Go the Distance Half Zip. No cuffins, only thumbholes in this.

New Trail Blazer Crops.

Mini Pop Stripe Warm Up Crew

Tracker Shorts

Girlfriend Tee in Mod Red Grape

Ziggy Snake Energy Bra

Mini Pop Stripe Run Times Short

UK Spoilers

Gator Cyber Stripe Define

Herringbone Define Jacket

New Super Sport Tank. If that three-hook bra didn't clue you in, this is for C/D cup ladies. So many multi-strap tanks lately. Are they selling that well? I haven't bought one yet.

Cotton Circadian SS Tee in Mini Pop Stripe Mink Berry and White graphic print. I like the shape of this a lot.

Pretty Circadian tank in Butterfly print. 

Pink Lemonade What the Sport II. By the way, a reader wrote in she heard a rumor the 105F Singlet is coming back next year. Yay, if true.

Groove Shorts

Mini Pop Stripe Go the Distance Jacket. I like the back but the front looks short and boxy.

Sun Salutation Shorts.

Pipe Dream Wild Tank

Stuff Your Bra in Pink Lemonade


New Lighten Up Bra



What's with a dude on the landing page for upload? There's a big link to the men's stuff but I have to scroll down to find my link. Are men suddenly on their computers, iPads, and phones breathlessly refreshing waiting for upload at 3:15 pm Tuesdays? I don't think so. Upload is girl-time. Lululemon needs to think about the tone it's taking towards its women customers lately. More in a separate post about that.

Seriously, lulu, why are you dissing us lately?

The US got the Heathered Cranberry Cool Racerback. I ordered this to try even though I have read some people haven't liked it. No Pink Lemonade for the the US, though.

I also ordered these - the Sapphire Space Dye Twist Wunder Under Crops. I had to order from Canada since the US didn't get the 12 but I'll be there to pick it up from my Canadian connection.

The Sapphire Space Dye Twist also came in Wunder Under Pants. Hate the shirt tied over the rear so I can't see if the lines match up. Stellar photography, lulu.

New Run the World 7/8th Tight. I am not a fan of the asymmetrical color blocking on the legs.

New Coast Wrap, made of modal fabric. (US)

Definitely Raining Jacket

The new Scuba Hoodie IIIs. People who have tried this on say it's just like a Cotton Fleece On the Daily and wonder why it was given the name Scuba. Reports say if you are used to sizing up for the Scuba you don't have to for this jacket. The price is a steep $118 so I'm waiting to try this when I get to Canada and hopefully take advantage of the currency difference.

French Terry Scuba III. I like the butterfly print a lot but I'm not a fan of the solid arms.

Scuba IIs - the Camp Check is back in a Cranberry version this time.

Canada got the butterfly Pace Rivals. I'm hoping to try this when I get to Canada.

Very pretty Sun to Moon scarf. I am not a scarf person but this is gorgeous. (US)

Vent It Out Crops (CAN)

Ziggy Snake Wunder Under Crops and Pants (CAN)

Pink Lemonade shorts in Super Squad, Trackers, and Run Times. (US)

Cranberry Wunder Under Crops and Pants (US)

Canada got the Cranberry Tie Dye Swiftly SS. I'm hoping to try this on when I am there for Sea Wheeze.

Gator Green Cyber Stripe Wunder Under Pants (US). I was very tempted to order these but I want to try them on first.

Canada got the Ghost Dot Power Y. I just love this tank. (That sweater in the photo annoys me to no end, way to ruin a gorgeous look.)

Sattva Pant IIs. It looks like the legs are thinner than they were last time. (CAN)

Post Savasana Pullover. I love the blue denim one.

Pizzaz LS Swiftly

The item you've all been waiting months for - the Secret Sanctuary Scarf. This should just go straight to the outlets. I love the name one woman in my Facebook groups gave this, the "Forever Alone Scarf".

What did you get today?


Bon Bon is back! I love Bon Bon. I wonder if Kiss, Lolo, and Senorita Pink will be making re-appearances, too.