Friday, August 7, 2015

New What We Love


New raincoat in Espresso - love the color.

The What the Sport Singlet has been redesigned to be more feminine. It looks a bit short to me. I like that the straps are shorter but it'll require a try-on to see if the fit is better than the first version.

The Scuba has been redesigned to be a bit more like the On the Daily Hoodie. There are two versions, a cotton fleece, like regular scubas, and a lighter French Terry version. Scuba IIs are supposed to be available through the Fall, possible even winter, and then move to on-line only. The fit is more relaxed than the Scuba II. At first glance, they've changed the seaming that creates the lulu symbol in the front and there is no ribbing down the sides, both of which I really like about the Scuba II.

Scuba III

lululemon-power-y cranberrt
 Cranberry Power Y

lululemon-straight-up-bra butterfly

Really liking these Space Dye Twist Sapphire Blue multi Wunder Under Pant IIIs. The III reflects changes to a more relaxed fit on the top waist seam so it won't dig in and give you muffin top.



New run tight called the Run the World Tight. The write up says there are low bounce pockets but I'm not sure if this means there are thigh pockets or not. I can't tell from the photos.