Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Outrageous Pricing on Reflective Items

lululemon-pedal-to-the-medal tight

lululemon-pedal-to-the-medal tight

lululemon-what-the-sport reflective
Many of you have noticed the outrageous pricing on the Reflective What the Sport Shorts and Pedal to the Medal 7/8th. The shorts are $40 more than the normal price ($58) and the tights are a whopping $70 (!) over the price of a solid-colored pair ($98). All I am seeing is some reflective dots added to the fabric. This type of reflectivity used to be a $20 upcharge, not $70. I don't get the big price jump. They're going to end up in WMTM, just like all the other over-priced reflective gear.


It's up. Get it here!

Wanderlust Rue Boheme Bra (US). Surprisingly, these are available up to a 12.

Wanderlust Shala Bra. These also came to a 12 in the US. I ordered the Feather print one to try.

Casbah Kimono

Diversity Bag

Wanderlust print towel

Winged Mosaic Highest Times Pant

Canada got the Pretty Plume Wunder Under Crops.

Ace Dot and Palm Stripe Roll Down Wunder Under Crops I ordered the Palm Stripe ones to try.

Dance to Yoga Wunder Under Pants (US)

Dance to Yoga Tank.

Canada got a Dashing Purple Scuba. Love this.

Dashing Purple LS Swiftly.

The US got the Pack It Vests.

The US got Naval Blue Seamlessly Street Crops.

Narrow Bold Stripe Power Y (US)

Pop Stripe Cool Racerback (US)

Essence Tank

Dance to Yoga Leotard

The US got Pretty Plume High Times.

The US got the Peacocock/Tranquil Blue Swiftly SS.

Did you get anything today?

Dance to Yoga Wunder Under Pant, Superb Pant, and More

lululemon superb pant
Superb Bra and Pant.

lululemon superb pant

lululemon superb pant
Cardio Squad Tank and Superb Pant

lululemon superb pant free-to-be-wild-bra

lululemon superb-pant free-to-be-wild-bra
Free to Be Wild Bra and Superb Pant. It looks like you have to wear shorts under these pants so why would I buy these again?

lululemon cardio-squad-tank

lululemon cardio-squad-tank gold
Cardio Squad tank.

lululemon dance-to-yoga-tank

lululemon dance-to-yoga-pant

lululemon dance-to-yoga-pant
Dance to Yoga Wunder Under Pant

lululemon pedal to the medal

lululemon pedal to the medal

lululemon split-second

lululemon pedal to the medal

Race to Place SS & Singlet, Split Second Shorts, Energy Bra

lululemon superb-bra

lululemon superb-bra

Superb Bra, Wunder Under Crops, All Tied Up Tank

Wanderlust Items

Some gorgeous photos of the Wanderlust line we'll see later today. (Credit: Alex CD) - Shala Bra, Highest Times Pant, Diversity Bag, Towel, Kimono and Nook Tank. The Shala Bra comes in three prints - the purple twist stripe one, naval blue, and the feather print. The Highest Times come in the butterfly print, naval blue, and Iris Flower purple. The Diversity Bag comes in the butterfly print and solid Deep Coal; the towel comes in the feather print and butterfly print; the Nook Tank comes in heathered gray and white; the kimono comes in the butterfly print and feather print. There were a few other items available at the actual wanderlust - a onsie jumper, headbands, naval blue nook tank, scarf, a couple more bra styles, WUPs in the two prints but we won't see those at the upload.

Kimono, Highest Times, and Nook Tank.