Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Hong Kong Spoilers

Angel Wing is one of my favorite off-whites. Shown in the new Back Pack It Jacket. I'm really liking this. I wonder how this jacket differs from the Miss Misty.

Wee Space Pace Rivals have hit HK so I would hope that means we're getting them soon.

I tried on the Wee Space Inspire Tights over the weekend but I'd much rather have the Speed Tights. I hope we get these.

New Gather and Sprint crop in Ace Spot Grain and Wee Space.

All Sport Crops in Classic Stripe.

New Hotty Hot short print in Alley Stripe Angel Wing.

Pace Rival Skirt

What the Sport Short. These are solid black in the back.


lululemon-picnic-play-dress gingham

lululemon-picnic-play-dress gingham

I really like the Gingham Picnic Play Dress.

lululemon-ace-spot-energy bra

lululemon-ace-spot-energy bra
The Black/White Ace Spot Energy Bra finally uploaded. I got this a couple of weeks ago in my local store. It's super cute under my black and white Var-City tanks. It's super cute under 105F tanks, too.

lululemon-gingham energy
New Gingham Energy Bra. This one is kind of cute but I find gingham fabrics thick and hot. I need to see this one in person.


I'm curious to see the Back Pack It Jacket in the store.


lululemon-all-good-pullover silver
lululemon-swiftly-ss silver
The All Good Pullover looks comfy but it looks short in these photos.

lululemon-swiftly-ss tie dye
The US got a regular crewneck Heathered Silver Fox Swiftly SS and Canada got a Scoop Neck Tie Die Version. I can't decide whether to wait for the tie dye one or order the one we got.

lululemon-swiftly-s silver

lululemon-swiftly-ls peacock
Canada got both a Heathered Slate Silver Fox and Peacock Blue Swiftly LS. We just got the Peacock. I am debating whether to get the Peacock one.

lululemon-swiftly-tank alarming

lululemon-swiftly-tank flash light
The Heathered Flash Light Swiftly tank is tempting me, too. Update - it's only in Canada right now. Duh.

lululemon-swiftly-half zip iris

lululemon-swiftly-half zip silver
Iris Flower (CAN) and Silver Fox Half Zip Swiftlys

Only Canada got the new Pedal to the Medal Singlet.

lululemon-roll-out-tank bali

lululemon-roll-out-tank silver
Canada got Roll Out Tanks.


Canada got new Stuff Your Bra colors.


lululemon-bark-chocolate street-to-studio

Only Canada got the new Pack It Vest.



lululemon-all-sport-crop dsahing
We got new colors in the All Sport Crops.


lululemon-super-squad-short black

lululemon-super-squad-short black

lululemon-super-squad-short silver
New Super Squad short colors.

Canada got a new Grain Party Om bag.


Canada got Alarming Speed Shorts


Canada got a Bali Breeze In the Flux Jacket

Cyber Stripe High Times. People are not impressed the stripes do not line up.


Contrary to rumor we did not get the Wanderlust stuff today. I haven't ordered anything yet but am contemplating a few swiftlys. Did you order anything?