Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Grapefruit Wunder Under Crops, Sweaty or Not Jacket, and More

lululemon-grapefruit-wunder-under-crop wild-tank

lululemon-grapefruit-wunder-under-crop wild-tank

lululemon grapefruit-wunder-under-crop wild-tank

Black Wild Tank and Reversible Grapefruit Wunder Under Crops

lululemon-sweaty-or-not-jacket super-squad-short

lululemon-sweaty-or-not-jacket super-squad-short
Sweaty or Not Jacket and Super Squad Shorts (photo: Nellius Van Rhys)

lululemon-wrap-it-up-tank bali

lululemon wrap-it-up-tank bali
Bali Breeze Wrap It Up Tank and Heathered Slate Wunder Under Pants 

Ghost Weave Love Tee and Luxtreme Wunder Under Pants

Iris Flower Space Dye Twist Top Speed Crops and Grapefruit Running in the City Tank

lululemon-cool-to-street bra-crop

lululemon-cool-to-street crop

lululemon-cool-to-street bra-crop-tank

lululemon-cool-to-street free-to-be-crop

lululemon-cool-to-street denim-free-to-be-crop


lululemon-cool-to-street bra-tank-crop


lululemon cool-to-street tank-crop


lululemon cool-to-street
Cool to Street, Bra, and Crop

Performance Review: Pace Rival Run Crops



I took my new Pace Rival run crops on a couple of training runs last week to test them out. One was a three mile indoor run at my gym and the other was an outdoor six mile run at the beach. For the three mile, the temp was about 86 degrees outside. The beach day started out in the high sixties and finished in the low seventies. For both runs, I paired the crops with a Mesh What the Sport SS top. I couldn't be more pleased with the crops - the waistband is very comfy, they didn't slip at all, the mesh at the back of the knees let in some welcome cooling, and there are five pockets. I put my phone and ipod in the hip pockets and both were very secure, particularly the heavier phone which didn't move around at all. For the beach run, I had my large car key remote in the back zipper pocket along with ID and cash and some gel blocks in the front pocket.



As you can see I bought the Wee Space version of the Pace Rival crops. Currently, these are only in US stores. This material is regular luxtreme and like most Wee Space luxtremes tends to feel lighter than regular luxtreme and a lot lighter than full on luxtreme. The Wee Space is opaque and gives good camouflage to leg imperfections. It also buttery soft but a bit less compressive than other luxtremes. I like to use my Wee Space run crops in the summer because of the lighter material. The Pace Rivals were decently cool, given how long they are. The circle mesh on the back of the leg gives some nice cooling. I did find myself becoming a little warmer once I turned inland and lost the ocean breeze but if you like to run in crops these are a good choice for warmer weather running. All in all, the Pace Rivals are a very nice successor to the Inspires though I do find the styling at the leg opening a bit generic, unlike the Inspire's easily identifiable arc. 

PS - On a related note, the Mesh What the Sport Tees have become my favorite run top - great wicking, breathability, and they don't ride up.  You can wear a Ta Ta Tamer without it showing. The lighter colors are a bit see-through, though. I've already bought all three colors and would love to get more.