Friday, June 12, 2015

Bleacher Stripe Cool Racerback, Floral Sport CRB, Gator CRB, and More

lululemon-floral-sport-cool-racerback iris-in-the-flow-crop


lululemon-floral-sport-cool-racerback iris-in-the-flow-crop
Floral Sport Multi Cool Racerback and Iris Flower In the Flow Crops

lululemon-bleacher-stripe-cool-racerback iris-in-the-flow-crop

lululemon-bleacher-stripe-cool-racerback liberty-short
Bleacher Stripe Cool Racerback with Iris Flower In the Flow Crops and Jeweled Magenta Liberty Shorts.

In addition, the Lulumum blog is reporting there is a solid Gator Cool Racerback recently arrived in Vancouver. I hope we get it soon.

I really like this combo - Bleached Coral Swiftly (I think) Cool Racerback and Floral Sport Black Om Pants.

Mail Day: Ready or Not Headband

lululemon-ready-or-not-headband strap
I ordered the new Ready or Not headband and it came today. I think it took me about 2 minutes between ripping open the mailer bag and the detagging. I'm a bit of a headband junkie - at one point I had over 100 - and this is probably the most elaborate headband I've ever seen lululemon come up with since I've been buying the brand. I've posted a few detail photos:

lululemon ready-or-not-headband strap
Showing the metal logo on the left.
In its relaxed state the headband is about 2.5" wide.

The headband can expand to about 4" or so, similar to a Bangbuster. The net look reminds me of a medieval snood.

lululemon-ready-or-not-headband strap
The back strap of the headband is adjustable and has gripper plastic lining, which makes it a little tough to thread through the adjuster slide. I wore it out running errands and it stayed in place nicely and was comfortable.  However, I can't speak yet as to how it would stay in place for a workout. I just love how it's made of luon so will soak up sweat yet looks so decorative and feminine.