Saturday, June 6, 2015

More Wanderlust Photos

lululemon-wanderlust nook-tank diversity-bag-highest-times-pant shala-bra
The Soho store posted that they still have Wanderlust items and will mail if you call. Shown above is the Shala Bra, Deep Coal Diversity Bag, Iris Flower Highest Times Pant, Nook Tank, and towel.


lululemon-wanderlust nook-tank

lululemon-wanderlust nook-tank
Nook Tank (from Ebay)

lululemon wanderlust-diversity-bag


lululemon-wanderlust diversity-bag inside

lululemon wanderlust diversity-bag

lululemon wanderlustdiversity-bag


lululemon-wanderlust diversity-bag

lululemon-wanderlust diversity-bag
Lots of detail photos of the print Diversity Bag (also on eBay).

lululemon-wanderlust casbah-kimono
I posted this in my previous Wanderlust post but if you didn't see it, it's the Kimono in the dark print.

lululemon-wanderlust shala-bra
Dark print Shala bra.

Mail Day: Grapefruit, Pistachio, and Blue Denim Swiftly Tanks

lululemon-swiftly-tank pistachio-grapefruit-blue-denim
The three Swiftly tanks I ordered on Tuesday's upload: Grapefruit, Pistachio, and Blue Denim. The color is a bit warm in this photo and not really true to life.

lululemon-swiftly-tank pistachio
Pistachio Swiftly next to a Fresh Teal CRB. They're pretty close in color and saturation.

lululemon-swiftly-tank pistachio
I think this photo is very representative of Pistachio in real life. I am leaning towards keeping this Swiftly. Sometimes I want a "cool" color on hot run days. Aquamarine is my other go-to cool Swiftly.

lululemon-swiftly-tank grapefruit
Grapefruit next to Pop Orange. The headbands on the left (top to bottom) are Very Light Flare, Flash, and Pop Orange

lululemon-swiftly-tank grapefruit
This photo is probably most true to life of Grapefruit.

Grapefruit is a neon Swiftly color, in my opinion. It's a good choice if you would like max visibility when out running. I am not a big neon Swiftly fan and it doesn't work that well with my pasty skin tone so I'm returning this one.

lululemon-swiftly-tank blue-denim lullaby
It's really hard to get a good real life representation of the Heathered Blue Denim when photographed by itself. Here it is next to Heathered Medium Gray and Lullaby, and I think looking very true to life. I am keeping this one. I only wish the short sleeve version had the same type of space-dye heathering as the tank. It's a very pretty blue and I think one of the more unique Swiftly colors to come along in a long while.