Friday, May 8, 2015

Mail Day - Heathered Lullaby Cool Racerback, Jeweled Magenta Swiftlys, Naval Blue Jacquard High Times, and Brushed Animal Inspires (Also, Paris Compared to Jeweled Magenta)

lululemon-brushed-animal-inspires lullaby-crb
Today was a big mail day for me. Of all the things I ordered the Brushed Animal Inspires and Heathered Lullaby CRB are keepers and the rest is going back. The Jeweled Magenta Swiftlys are on the thin side - I could see the dark bra I had on underneath both of them. I also am developing an affinity for the space dye-style swiftlys. The Naval Blue/JM Diamond Jacquard High Times are very nice - soft, thick, compressive - but my ankles were kind of cold in them. I like to wear jacquard bottoms on our coldest days so I'd consider these again if they came in Wunder Under Pants. Some detail photos of things:

The Heathered Lullaby CRB is semi-silky feeling and not as thick as some of past heathered CRBs such as Smokey Rose or Tree Frog have been but it's decent. It's fully opaque.

lululemon heathered-lullaby-crb
Heathered Lullaby CRB compared to solid Lullaby CRB. If you are a Lullaby (periwinkle blue) fan, they're different enough to justify both.

Love the low-key logo.

Paris Pink Swiftly on left and Jeweled Magenta on the right.

Same two Swiftlys with last year's Space Dye Jeweled Magenta Swiftly.