Thursday, April 23, 2015

Slate Swiftly SS, Light Speed Crop, Regal Plum Ebb to Street Pant, and More

Slate Swiftly SS and Black Cherry High Times with the mesh detail down the side. This version had a special designator on one of the foreign sites, I want to say something like *Fem.

Slate Swiftly SS and Deep Camo Run For Days Short. I am a sucker for light gray/silver tops but I wish this didn't have the star crush pattern woven into it. I believe I saw a photo of a silver Swiftly tank and it was heathered.

Light Speed Crops. Shown with an All Sport Support Tank in the first two photos and gorgeous Regal Plum Swiftly SS in the last.

New Regal Plum Ebb to Street Pants,What the Sport Singlet, and In the Flow tank.

Regal Plum Cool Racerback and Heat Wave Wunder Under Pants. Heat Wave Wunder Under Crops have been spotted in Vancouver stores.

Some nice photos of the Run for Days Tank, Bra, and Crops. The bra I ordered should be here tomorrow and I post some comparison photos to the Energy and Waterbound bra then.

 More of the Run for Days LS, Shorts, Tank, and Crops

Iridescent Multi Energy Bra under a Fresco Blue What the Sport Singlet

The Newest What We Love

lululemon-high-times pigment-wave-mutli
The buzz has already started about these. Be sure to be on line right at 4:44 next Tuesday to get yours. People will be ordering a couple of pairs for cherry-picking.


More Miss Mistys hit WMTM today. I don't think this jacket has done very well at all.

I am not a Tencel fan - it wrinkles extremely easily, isn't very stretchy, and showcases sweat something awful -  money saved for more Pigment Wave Multi things (crossing fingers that Trackers show up in the US next week).

Rumor is the What the Sport Singlet is replacing the 105F - boo! I hate the fit of this tank and the styling is pedestrian.



 I already bought one. The material is very soft and the tank is comfy but I found the tank hot for an indoor run and it rode up while wearing slippery crops. A reader wrote in that she wore it to work with jeans and it rode up on her, too.


Savasana Wrap Uploaded to Canada

A new Savasana Wrap was stealth uploaded to Canada today. Thanks to the reader who alerted us.

Pigment Wave Multi Speed Tights, Regal Plum Wunder Under Pants, and More

lululemon-butter-pink cool-racerback

lululemon-heat-wave-wunder-under pant
Heat Wave Wunder Under Crops. Shown with the Butter Pink Cool Racerback. I tried this one on yesterday and it's nicely thick.


Regal Plum What the Sport Singlet and Pigment Wave Multi Speed Tights.




lululemon-regal-plum-cool-racerback heat-wave-high-times
Heat Wave High Times and Regal Plum Cool Racerback

lululemon heat-wave-jet-crop

lululemon-all-sport-suppot-tank speed-short pigment-wave-multi

lululemon-all-sport-suppot-tank-speed-short pigment-wave-multi

lululemon all-sport-suppot-tank speed-short pigment-wave-multi

lululemon-all-sport-suppot-tank speed-short


All Sport Support Tanks are arriving in US stores.


Run for Tanks SS and Camo crops. I believe the crops are older.


Run For Days Tank and Pigment Wave Multi Speed Shorts.