Sunday, April 12, 2015

Iridescent Multi Studio Racerback vs. Tender Violet, Potion Purple, Ultra Violet, Angel Blue, Menthol, and Lots More

lululemon-studio-racerback iridescent-mult

lululemon studio-racerback iridescent-mult
As promised, some photos of the new Iridescent Multi Studio Racerback. I tried to pick out some purples, greenish blues, and other colors I thought might look nice with it.

lululemon-studio-racerback iridescent-mult tender-violet potion-purple
The Dance Headband is Violaceous.

lululemon-studio-racerback iridescent-mult tender-violet

lululemon-studio-racerback iridescent-mult-tender-violet potion-purple
With Tender Violet, left, and Ultra Violet, right.

lululemon-studio-racerback iridescent-mult purple-fog
With Purple Fog, left, and Potion Purple, right.

lululemon-studio-racerback iridescent-mult power-purple
With Power Purple. Don't love this combo as much as the others.

lululemon-studio-racerback-iridescent-mult concord-grape
With Concord Grape

With Bruised Berry. I don't care for this too much.

lululemon-studio-racerback iridescent-muli-deep-navy

lululemon-studio-racerback iridescent-mult-inkwell
Against Inkwell.

lululemon-studio-racerback iridescent-mult-angel-blue
With Aquamarine, left, and Angel Blue, right.

Just to see how it looked - Limitless Blue.

lululemon-studio-racerback iridescent-mult-menthol
With Menthol.

lululemon-studio-racerback iridescent-mult clear-mint
With the Clear Mint Swiftly Tank.

With Alberta Lake.

I think I'm going to have to order the Inspires or another crop in this print since it goes with 70% of the colors in my closet.