Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Cut Above Dress, Star Crush Adjustable All Sport Bra, and More



lululemon-star-crush-adjustable-bra what-the-sport-short
Really love how showy the bra is here - Star Crush print Adjustable All Sport Bra and What the Sport Short.

lululemon-cyber-stripe high-times-pant



lululemon-blissed-out-wrap retreat-7/8-tight
Blissed Out Wrap. Also shown is the Fatigue Yeah Yoga Tank with Heathered Slate Wunder Under Crops. Bottom photos shows Retreat 7/8 Pant.

lululemon yeah-yoga-tank retreat-7/8-tight

lululemon yeah-yoga-tank retreat-7/8-tight
Fatigue Yeah Yoga Tank with Black Cherry Retreat 7/8 Pant. I know someone mentioned in the comments the were looking for fully opaque bottoms to instruct in and these are double-lined in the backside. The waist is higher and super comfortable. I'd really love a pair of these in a solid color but I'd consider these if they hit WMTM at a nice price.

lululemon speckled-black-wunder-under-pant

lululemon sugar-crush-power-y

lululemon-sculpt-tank retreat-7/8-tight
Sugar Crush Power Y with Heathered Speckled Black Cotton and Camo (or Fatigue) Wunder Under Pants. The Sugar Crush print has really grown on me - it coordinates with so many different bottom colors. Also shown is a Sculpt Tank and Retreat 7/8 pant.

lululemon-surge-tight metal-vent-tech-ls

lululemon surge-tight metal-vent-tech-ls



Photography credit - Alison Mango
There were some seriously nice muscles, er, clothes on display in the Facebook feeds today. Because I know everyone loved seeing the mens tights before - Surge Tights and LS Metal Vent Tech LS. Shown in the last photo - Ginza Stripe Hawk Blue Bodhi Tank and Flash Jab Kayak Blue El Current Short.

Circle Geo Wunder Under Pant, Devi Crew Sweater, and More

From Australia - Circle Geo Slate/Deep Coal Wunder Under Pant, Devi Crew Sweater, and Find Your Om Scarf.

Hip to Be Free Bag. The gray is two-tone black and gray and has a suede feel to it. It's in US stores now.

Love these two tops with Black Cherry Wunder Under Pants - Vintage Pink Yeah Yoga Tank and Sugar Crush Multi Power Y. I have the Sugar Crush Power Y and the print has really grown on me - it looks nice with brown bottoms.

Love Vintage Pink with Moody Mirage - Yeah Yoga Tank and Wunder Under Pant.