Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Hip to Be Free Bag, Black Cherry 'Sup Hat and More

lululemon hip-to-be-free bag

lululemon on the daily hoodie
Drats, I really like this whole look - White Silver Spoon On the Daily Hoodie, Sugar Crush Power Y, Heathered Slate Wunder Under Crops II Refine Crops and Hip to Be Free Bag Rejuvenate Yoga Tote. I really like the crops. It's making me a little crazy that the US and Canadian side show two different photos with different models for Heathered Slate Wunder Under II Crops, especially since I like the Canadian version better:

lululemon heathered-slate wunder-under-crop
US Heathered Slate WUC IIs

lululemon heathered-slate wunder-under-crop
Canadian Heathered Slate WUC IIs

Update - It turns out there are two versions of Heathered Slate WUCs II out right now.

lululemon in-flux jacket namaskar-pant

lululemon heathered-slate wunder-under-crop

lululemon 'sup hat