Tuesday, November 10, 2015


The big news was the Tender Violet Down for a Run Jacket and Vest uploaded tonight. These are so pretty.

The US got just the Tender Violet but Canada got the Forage Teal Pique, too. The website identifies it as herringbone but that's incorrect.

Very cute Raspberry Glo/Jeweled Magenta Flashback Static Speed Shorts. (US)

Raspberry Glo Run Times Shorts (US)

Canada got a Raspberry Glo Energy Bra. I might need this when it arrives here.

The US got a Raspberry Glo Race to Place Hat. I ordered this.

Kayak Free Flow Short (CAN)

Tender Violet Flashback Static and Sapphire Shadow Wrap Energy Bras (CAN).

The US finally got the Sweat It Out Racer tops. I ordered the Bon Bon to try.

Sapphire Align Pant

Flashback Static Pace Rival Crops (US). I want these but I don't think they come in a 12.

Bon Bon Wild Tank (CAN)

Bordeaux Scuba III

The US got the Intrinsic Tanks.

Yogini 5 Year LS in Bold Violet. I debated getting this but want to see it in the store. I'm afraid it'll be on the thin side.

Flashback Static Wunder Under Crop

Tender Violet Flashback Static Festival Bag

Fleur Sombre Dragonfly Kayak Pace Rival Skirt

Jeweled Magenta Flashback Static and solid JM Oxygen Bra (CAN)

Jeweled Magenta Daily Practice Jacket (CAN)

Sapphire Om The Day Bag (CAN)

Wind Runner Softshell/Tech Fleece Pant (CAN)

Just the hat and Sweat It Out Racer top for me this week. Did you get anything?


Kate Myers said...

The new colors in the Pace Rivals were about the only thing exciting for me. I've been waiting a while for some more colors and I love that they are $88 and not $128 like the reflective ones. Otherwise, nothing else. It was pretty slim pickings. I was hoping for a lot more given all the other international uploads. Where are the new colors in the CRBs and Energy Bras?

Laura P said...

Nothing for me…again. I get so pumped at the UK and Hong Kong spoilers only to be totally let down by another crappy US upload. I sometimes go back for another look after the store photos are released and I can see how the items actually look and are styled. It's a bummer because there are some really pretty colors in the mix (forage teal), but nothing is appealing to me. I don't even find my in-store trips to be exciting theses days. Quick in and out. And thank you Lulu for another tank/bra combo for the A/B market. I guess anything over a B cup doesn't ever workout.

Unknown said...

Do you know how the sizing of the intrinsic tank is running? Wondering if I should order my 105 singlet size or the size I get with built in bra tops.

Anonymous said...

Still waiting on the gorgeous green define that I think the UK got a couple weeks ago. And the hoodie restless and would love a green down for a run jacket. I'm pretty much a sucker for any of the beautiful greens.

Anonymous said...

What happened to the restless pullover hoodie for the US? :(

Amy said...

Nothing for me. They uploaded some trousers on the US side but they have "diaper-ish" written all over them. I'd love some comfy Lulu trousers but these are a no go.

LuluAddict said...

@Laura P - I know! And a lot of the time by they time it gets to the US I'm over lusting for it. I think they make a big mistake not debuting stuff in North America first. My store trips suck, too. I definitely buy most of my stuff on line these days since it's a crapshoot as to what the stores get.

@Laura Coaxum - I would go with your bra size to be on the safe side.

@ anonymous - Good question. :)

@Amy - They looked a lot like the Yogini Trouser pants except way baggier in the crotch.

Anonymous said...

Love the pics! Don't mean to nit pic, but the gal in the rasp glo hat... She has very head forward (not good) posture. I know it's an athletic company, but it would be good to show proper postures :-s. Sorry, just look at stuff like that for a living so it irks me to see that in "fit" people.

Dana said...

Any opinions about the Oxygen Bra yet. I've been looking for a review since last weeks HK upload, but I cant find any reviews.

Lissa10279 said...

I will never understand why the product drops vary so much between Canada and the US,the UK, etc. I get why Australia is different -- makes sense, opposite seasons -- but then why are we seeing so many bright summery colors and barely anything worthy of opening our wallets for?! Another safe week. At this rate, I won't even be asking for lulu GCs!

Anonymous said...

I'm totally over Lulu, addiction free feels so good and not having that darned FOMO is the best! I still have my $500 gift card that I got 6 weeks ago (used to spend over twice that in that length of time!), haven't felt any need to spend it yet (despite seeing quite a few nice things - but they're just that - nice - nothing special worth their price in my opinion), will hold out until something that I feel is super special and worth the $ comes out - that may be a while though, lol! From now on that's what it's going to take for me to be giving any of my money to this company.

LuluAddict - no matter what kind gorgeous tempting colours that new Rulu Half Zip comes in, I will not cave in if the style isn't to my liking - not worth it at all unless I love the style as much as the colour.

Disappointing that both Rulu Half Zips so far this fall and winter have had that awful under bust seam - that kind of seam does not work for anyone with actual boobs as the seam ends up cutting across them rather than underneath them.

Anonymous said...

I agree amy enough with the diaper look! The outlets were literally giving away those retreat crops this summer!!

Unknown said...

Nothing for me tonight...I tried on the new cold as fluff parka subzero in store today but I wasn't wowed by it although it is super warm. I also tried the tender violet vest and jacket and almost walked out with the jacket but refrained as I bought the pullovers last week..sort of hoping tender violet will come in the pullover :)

Anonymous said...

Bra size

BrownCow said...

Not the biggest deal but why did Canada get all the yogini long sleeve tees but missed out on the ultra violet. I just don't get who's in control of these decisions.. Just give us all the same options lulu! It can't be that complicated.. Actually wouldn't it be easier haha

BrownCow said...

Also I saw Caitlyn respond to someone on hey lululemon that double uploads will be coming back very soon ... Maybe everyone knows that and I'm outta the loop lol

Anonymous said...

Contemplating the grape coloured toasty tech tights but unsure what the fabric is like. Hoping that it is fleece on the inside and a smooth outer surface so they aren't lint collectors. Does anyone recommend these for a warm winter legging?

Anonymous said...

I got the Flashback Static Pace Rival Crops. Looks like they came in sz 12 but sold out. Not sure I'll keep. It says mesh, but I don't see any on that color way. I much prefer the Flashback Static Pace Rival Tight that HK got (I think it was HK)...it sold out in a week. But the US got the less desirable (imho) crop.

Also got the L/S Swiftly in heathered dark slate.

Anonymous said...

Hi LLA, I will be waiting to hear your review of the Race to Place hat and hopefully you will post some pics as well. I am curious about how it will fit because of the long straight cut along the sides. I wear ball caps a lot while running but I have a hard time finding ones that fit (small head!) I have tried many LLL hats without success but I do really like the look and the fabric of this one.

On a different note, I just wanted to give my two cents worth review of the Face The Frost 1/2 Zip I bought last week in the black grape. The fabric is super soft and thick and the fit is a nice snug feeling. The high neck has a double layer of fabric and the cuffins are so warm in the tech fleece fabric. The length is good, covering my bum and the raised stitching down the arms and on the back is nice. This will definitely be my go to top to wear under a winter jacket on a cold winters day. Also, it is so nice and comfortable that I will be wearing it for casual wear as well. This is my first tech fleece purchase and am loving it.

I see that this top is gone from the Canadian website today. Yesterday it was there but only under new items but not in the tops category. This was prior to the new update and now it is gone, I think it is just an oops on their part and it will probably show up online soon.

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 6:22 am - I have a few Race to Place hats already - butterfly print and the nightfall gator green one. Here is a post comparing it to the Race to Win Hat: http://www.luluaddict.com/2015/08/mail-day-mini-pop-stripe-black-mink.html.

I have a larger head so I find this hat fits me pretty well. I have found lots of other lululemon run hats were pretty shallow and fit me more like beanies so I liked the Race to Place. My sister has a smaller head and finds most lululemon hats fitting her too large now. I'll see if I can get her to model a few photos.

Thanks for the Face the Frost Half Zip feedback. If we get it, I want the Tender Violet one.

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 7:37 pm - agree about underboob seaming not working for people with larger chests. It's one reason I don't like the Kanto Half Zip.

@ anon 8:45 pm - the tech fleece material used in the toasty tech tight is similar to a thick, slightly stiffer luxtreme that is brushed on the inside. It's slick on the outside so shouldn't collect lint. It's a great windblocking material. It's very warm. For even more warmth and weather protection, the next stop up in cold weather running are the new Wind Runner pant (uploaded to Canada yesterday) that have a soft shell front and tech fleece backside. Those are the pants you want to run in for when snow and sleet are in the air.

In terms of warmth for cold weather running: Wind Runner > Toasty Tech Tight > Brushed Luxtreme Speed Tights / Turn Around Tights / Pique Speed Tights (these are close so not sure how I'd rank them) > Regular Speed Tights.

LuluAddict said...

PS to anon 8:45 pm - Ok, asked some cold weather friends of mine about Brushed Lux vs. Rulu Turn Around and Pique Speed Tights. She said the Brushed Lux Speeds will wick moisture better and have better wind blocking than the rulu/pique. So, I'd say Brushed Lux > Pique Speed Tights > Rulu Turn Around Tights.

janine57 said...

Good for running I would pick otherwise for casual wear.