Tuesday, September 22, 2015

UK Spoilers

lululemon-varsity-plaid scuba-ii
Varsity Plaid Scuba II

lululemon-rain-on-train-on jacket
Angel Wing Rain On Train On Jacket

lululemon-pace-rival-skirt ghost-dot
Ghost Dot Pace Rival Skirt

lululemon-herringbone wunder-under-pant
Herringbone Wunder Under Pant Hi Rise

lululemon-regal-plum-ta-ta-tamer iii
Regal Plum Ta Ta Tamer

Take It Easy Short Sleeve


Jessie said...

Ooo I love the plaid scuba! and its a II!! I am glad I did not get the red one (was not quite my color palette), but I bet this will be a hard item to get if they put out the same amount as the lumberjack.

Unknown said...

These Scuba II have to be left over stock from last year..am I right? The red plaid..which I hadn't purchased last year and got recently but the Varsity Plaid scuba I own from last year :)
The take it easy short sleeve looks comfy.

Anonymous said...

I think the Scuba IIs are new but are being made with leftover fabric from last years Scuba IIs, if that makes sense! I noticed last years Rocky Road Scuba II had a black lined hood and this years has the hood lined in the Rocky Road print... that's why I'm thinking that they're using left over fabric from last year to make more this year.

There are also those Rest Less Pullover tops that are the same as last year...

And this week my closest stores have the Swiftly Half Zip Tops in Tonka Stripe Bumble Berry, Tonka Stripe Rugged Blue, and Tonka Stripe Black - those were all out last year as well...

I'm not complaining, as I was able to purchase the Swiftly Half Zip in Tonka Stripe Bumble Berry that I had my eye on last year but held out for too long and missed out on.

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 3:33 pm - Interesting about the Scubas. I figured that Rocky Road was leftover stock but left over material makes sense.

Emily said...

Hasn't the ghost dot pace rival skirt already been released in the US? I bought one a couple weeks ago...