Tuesday, August 11, 2015

UK Spoilers

Gator Cyber Stripe Define

Herringbone Define Jacket

New Super Sport Tank. If that three-hook bra didn't clue you in, this is for C/D cup ladies. So many multi-strap tanks lately. Are they selling that well? I haven't bought one yet.

Cotton Circadian SS Tee in Mini Pop Stripe Mink Berry and White graphic print. I like the shape of this a lot.

Pretty Circadian tank in Butterfly print. 

Pink Lemonade What the Sport II. By the way, a reader wrote in she heard a rumor the 105F Singlet is coming back next year. Yay, if true.

Groove Shorts

Mini Pop Stripe Go the Distance Jacket. I like the back but the front looks short and boxy.

Sun Salutation Shorts.

Pipe Dream Wild Tank

Stuff Your Bra in Pink Lemonade


New Lighten Up Bra


Amy said...

If they ever make butterfly pattern define jackets my wallet is going to need a decent burial. The herringbone is setting off my "buy' triggers but I think I can pass on it. I hope I can, anyway.

OttawaLuluLover said...

The butterfly circadian tank shall be mine, if it ever makes it to North America! Have been waiting for new cotton tops with a nice neckline to emerge!

I did see the super sport tank in the ottawa store today, but I find the multiple straps rather unflattering for bigger ladies. The straps end up digging in and binding you up like a dried sausage - not sexy or comfortable at all! My extra grams of body fat ooze out in between the straps, so I am definitely going to pass on that style.

LLL has gone strap crazy it seems.. a lot of styles have all different kinds and different size straps, but most end up not working for me. I am strapped out.. and sick and tired of mesh!!

Sophie said...

RE: the 105 singlet, it looks like the model is wearing a white one in the photos of the newly released bark ITFs, which I take as a good sign! http://shop.lululemon.com/products/clothes-accessories/crops-yoga/In-The-Flow-Crop-II?cc=15918&skuId=3617270&catId=crops-yoga

I like the Circadian tank and both define jackets, although I don't personally like the fit on the defines. WHY is the neck circumference so small?? You can see it's borderline too small on the first model in these photos, and she's tiny.

LuluAddict said...

@ottawalululover- agree with too many straps binding you up and things oozing out.

LuluAddict said...

@Sophie - unless that is a leftover white one. :(

Anonymous said...

LLA, did you see the Lighten Up bra on the UK site? A new take on the FTB Wild, lots of straps but prettily done.

Anonymous said...

I bought the Black Herringbone Define Jacket in store last Friday, even though I also have the Black Giant Herringbone Define from last winter. They are different enough to justify both, the Giant Herringbone obviously being a much larger herringbone, but it also has the solid Black contrast on it too. The one I just got is so super soft and snugly compared to my Giant Herringbone one (absolutely love it too though), love the softness of it and couldn't resist :) I'm still hoping that we'll get the White Herringbone Define here in Canada that the US got last winter, I'm still really disappointed that we never got it here, it was my most coveted Lulu item of the year :(

Lissa10279 said...

SO hoping the Herringbone Define comes here. I definitely want that. Glad you got it!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Lissa10279! Hope you get it where you are!

Anonymous said...

Wow that multi strap bra tank is a total disaster. Where to even look! I can't imagine trying to constrict myself into this thing. I'm light busted and wouldn't even try! I fully appreciate that it's for more well endowed ladies and hey, if you like it and find it functional and supportive, that's great. I just know how challenging it is with something like this when you don't even have to negotiate larger boobs! I don't think any of us like to struggle that much! And then have spillage etc., potentially.

The lighten up bra - I do love the FTBW but I am kind of "meh" on this lighten up one. Don't even want a similar version. May cave if there's some fantastic colour like cranberry. I kept a few select FTBW and do love them. But I also felt I had too many and sold two of them locally.

Chezhire71 said...

@ OttawaLuluLover - OT, but I'm looking for a Canadian angel to mail me a "Game, Set, Match" plastic water bottle from the Canadian side for my tennis loving daughter.
Will send advance funds (for price + shipping to me) via PayPal or however else you prefer.
Thanks for considering!