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2015 Sea Wheeze Half Marathon Race Weekend Recap, Part 4: The Sunset Festival

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2015 Sea Wheeze Half Marathon Race Weekend Recap, Part 4: The Sunset Festival

We were thinking of skipping the Sunset Festival this year because we were feeling a bit tired after the race but once we saw reports of a special Sunset Festival Jeweled Magenta Scuba and Warrior Scarf on Facebook we decided to go. From our experience last year (long lines, blah food, small portions) we knew enough to eat dinner elsewhere so we stopped at Subway on the way to the shuttle buses.

You know you're in Canada when Subway has these.

We picked up a lone fellow-American and first-time Sea Wheezer, Cindy, on the walk down the hill from our hotel to the convention center and she hung out with us until Yeasayer hit the stage.

The entrance to the Festival had this really cute molecule arch, too bad the race didn't have this. The security lady took pity on us since we had children with us and let us bring our Subway meals into the venue. Note for next year, eat outside the gates. It seemed the food choices were the same as last year, organic burritos, burgers, and salad in a jar. I later heard one woman bitterly complaining to her friends how bad the burritos were. I didn't think they were that awful last year but were on the bland side and not especially filling after completing a half marathon.

The line for the lululemon merchandise tent. By the time we got there, they were sold out of size eight and twelve scubas. They also had the same Gray High Mileage Duffel from the Expo (I'm pretty sure they just trucked the Expo leftovers up to the Festival), a gray print Nice Asana Tote, a men's hoodie, and a Warrior Scarf for sale.

Photo credit: eBay
This was the Nice Asana tote, only on sale at the Festival. It didn't have the same bug lining as the High Mileage Duffel.

The women's Scuba was Jeweled Magenta with a beautiful orange interior and lulu logo. The back had a sticky Sunset Festival appliqué on it. Since I am a big Jeweled Magenta fan, I liked this Scuba a lot more than the ones for sale at the Expo. My sister ended up getting three of these, one for my ten year old niece as a congratulations for completing her first half marathon, one for her and my older niece to share, and one as a thank you to me for waiting in line all night to get her her Expo gear (she is a great sister ;-) ). I got the last size ten Scuba and it's on the tight side for me right now but it's a nice incentive to drop some weight before next Sea Wheeze since running at the weight I am now is causing me major problems.

I also got the Warrior scarf since it was so pretty. There were other vendors there but we only cared about what lululemon items were for sale.

By the time we sat down yoga was just finishing up. We found a nice spot on the hill to sit, in a similar location to last year. We brought our race space blankets with us to sit on and we sat down to eat our contraband dinner. My nieces and nephew also got some of the marshmallows on a stick that were for sale for dessert but I didn't try them.

The location of the trapeze was changed this year to the bottom of the hill.

I think this big mat was laid out for yoga. You can see porta potties on the right, in the distance.

Some views of the crowd at the top of the hill.

My other friends, Ms. A., Ms. N. and Ms. C., joined us later in the evening since they elected to have dinner at a restaurant. We only stuck around through the second band, Yeasayer, since the kids were bored and we were rather tired.

It was a mellow finish to race day and I'm glad we went. 

Did you go? What did you think?

Lululemon's recap video:


Anonymous said...

Thank you for detailed race weekend recap posts! It was like I was there! :-D
And I hope to be next year!

Andrea said...

I really enjoyed the sunset festival. I didn't find the line ups for beer to be all that bad and I really enjoyed the yoga and the music. The food wasn't great, but at least the lines were short.

(The big black mats were covering up the cricket pitches)

Anonymous said...

Thank for all 4 wonderful recaps!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your recap! Overall, I had another amazing experience (this was my 3rd time). Was disappointed in the food yet again and wished I had thought to get subway! The $12 veggie burger was literally like eating cardboard. Was happy to snag the scuba and scarf and try the lulu beer though. We didn't stay for the headliner either - Capital Cities was so good last year it is hard to beat that!

Anonymous said...

I would have loved to try the Lulu beer! I'm a huge fan of beer and a newbie brewer and also a lulu addict lol

Anonymous said...

The other vendors were great! Natural/handmade products. Bought a few things.

The big black mat was to protect a cricket pitch. There was a sign asking peiople to not sit on it....

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 6:40 pm - Interesting about the cricket pitch. I didn't notice a sign but I only headed that way to use the portapotties.