Friday, August 21, 2015

2015 Sea Wheeze Half Marathon Race Weekend Recap, Part 2: The Merchandise

My haul.

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2015 Sea Wheeze Half Marathon Race Weekend Recap, Part 2: The Merchandise

I think most people liked 2014's merchandise better than this year, though the bug print items were popular.  I know I spent less this year at the expo than last year. The green cool racerback and the bug backpack were probably the most popular items, though the Miss Misty jackets and the Tuck N Flows sold out quickly, too. Most items had a print on them so it made mixing and matching a challenge. Lululemon sold through $1.8M worth of merchandise. Rumor is, via the Australia/New Zealand Instagram page, the Sea Wheeze collection will not be offered to Australia this year.

This was my personal haul - the pink and orange Miss Misty, the Jeweled Magenta and Orange CRB, a Jeweled Magenta bacillus print Swiftly SS, and a pair of Pace Breaker shorts for my husband. There were only a few pairs of Tracker short designs and I didn't like them. The run bottoms all had patterns on them and I didn't love any of them enough to get. I thought the duffel bag on the small side so also left that at the store. I tried to stick to items I knew I would love and wear and look beyond the Sea Wheeze goggles I tend to get in the expo store.

I had to do the shopping for my sister since she was tied up in conference calls most of the morning. She got: the pink and orange Miss Misty, a gray Scuba, black Speed Tights, the Portapottie CRB, the gray print CRB, bug print Tracker Shorts, bug print backpack, and the pink duffel.

The following contains a comprehensive catalog of what was for sale. Where I didn't have personal photos of items, I used photos from eBay listings.

lululemon-2015-sea-wheeze-expo-merchandise portapottie-cool-racerback
Portapottie Cool Racerback
lululemon-2015-sea-wheeze-expo-merchandise cool-racerback
Jeweled Magenta and and Orange whose color code is ROCT. I'm dying to know what orange this is.


lululemon 2015-sea-wheeze-expo-merchandise-cool-racerback

lululemon-2015-sea-wheeze-expo-merchandise naval-cool-racerback

lululemon-2015-sea-wheeze-expo-merchandise blue-cool-racerback

lululemon 2015-sea-wheeze-expo-merchandise cool-racerback
There were seven Cool Racerback designs. They were made of light luon instead of luxtreme this year. I think most people really liked the change to light luon.

lululemon-2015-sea-wheeze-expo-merchandise bug-backpack

lululemon-2015-sea-wheeze-expo-merchandise bug-backpack


lululemon-2015-sea-wheeze-expo-merchandise backpack
Run All Day Backpacks came in two colors - bug print and solid black. My niece wanted the bug backpack.

lululemon-2015-sea-wheeze-expo-merchandise high-mileage-duffel-magenta

lululemon-2015-sea-wheeze-expo-merchandise high-mileage-duffel-gray
The High Mileage Duffel came in Jeweled Magenta and a gray print. My sister got the Jeweled Magenta Duffel. I bought last year's duffel and found this one on the small side.

lululemon-2015-sea-wheeze-expo-merchandise miss-misty

lululemon-2015-sea-wheeze-expo-merchandise bug-miss-misty

There were two Miss Misty designs, the Jeweled Magenta squiggle print and the bug print. These sold out fairly early in the morning. My sister and I both got the pink version.


lululemon-2015-sea-wheeze-expo-merchandise scuba


There were two Scubas, a black and white print and a gray print. I thought the black and white was very similar to last year's and not nearly as distinctive. I tried the gray one on but felt it was on the blah side, though my sister did get it.

lululemon-2015-sea-wheeze-expo-merchandise tuck-n-flow

lululemon-2015-sea-wheeze-expo-merchandise tuck-n-flow
There were two Tuck and Flow designs. Once again, I thought the black and white one very reminiscent of last year's version.

lululemon-2015-sea-wheeze-expo-merchandise inspires

lululemon-2015-sea-wheeze-expo-merchandise inspires

lululemon 2015-sea-wheeze-expo-merchandise inspires

lululemon 2015-sea-wheeze-expo-merchandise inspires-blue

lululemon-2015-sea-wheeze-expo-merchandise inspires-naval
There were five Inspire crop styles this year. Every one had a print on them and they were made of regular luxtreme. I was tempted but I figured I might have opacity issues in these. There were quite a few of these left at the end of the day.

lululemon-2015-sea-wheeze-expo-merchandise passion-crop

lululemon-2015-sea-wheeze-expo-merchandise passion-crop

lululemon-2015-sea-wheeze-expo-merchandise passion-crop-black

lululemon-2015-sea-wheeze-expo-merchandise passion-crop-pink
There were three styles of Passion II crops.

lululemon-2015-sea-wheeze-expo-merchandise speed-tight

lululemon-2015-sea-wheeze-expo-merchandise speed-tight
There were two versions of Speed Tights. I got my niece the black and white ones.


lululemon-2015-sea-wheeze-expo-merchandise-tracker-short bug

lululemon-2015-sea-wheeze-expo-merchandise tracker-short

I believe there were only four colors in the Tracker Shorts. There were a lot of the blue with orange squiggles left at the end of the day.


lululemon-2015-sea-wheeze-expo-merchandise speed-shorts

lululemon-2015-sea-wheeze-expo-merchandise speed-shorts




lululemon 2015-sea-wheeze-expo-merchandise-bug-speed-shorts

lululemon 2015-sea-wheeze-expo-merchandise-speed-shorts naval
There were eight designs of Speed Shorts. There were a lot of the blue with orange squiggles leftover at the end of the day.




There were four colors in the Stuff Your Bra.




lululemon-2015-sea-wheeze-expo-merchandise take-20-bra

lululemon-2015-sea-wheeze-expo-merchandise take-20-bra

lululemon-2015-sea-wheeze-expo-merchandise take-20-bra
There were two versions of the Take 2 Bra.

lululemon-2015-sea-wheeze-expo-merchandise pace-rival-skirt

lululemon-2015-sea-wheeze-expo-merchandise pace-rival-skirt

lululemon-2015-sea-wheeze-expo-merchandise pace-rival-skirt-naval

lululemon-2015-sea-wheeze-expo-merchandise pace-rival-skirt
There were four Pace Rival skirt designs.

lululemon-2015-sea-wheeze-expo-merchandise what-the-sport-short

lululemon-2015-sea-wheeze-expo-merchandise what-the-sport-short

lululemon-2015-sea-wheeze-expo-merchandise what-the-sport-short-naval
There were three What the Sport Short styles.

lululemon-2015-sea-wheeze-expo-merchandise swiftly-ls-white

lululemon 2015-sea-wheeze-expo-merchandise swiftly-ls-blue

lululemon 2015-sea-wheeze expo-merchandise swiftly-ls-pink

lululemon-2015-sea-wheeze-expo-merchandise swiftly-ls-white
There were three long sleeve Swiftly colors. 

lululemon-2015-sea-wheeze-expo-merchandise swiftly-ss-magenta

lululemon 2015-sea-wheeze-expo-merchandise swiftly-ss-blue

lululemon-2015-sea-wheeze-expo-merchandise swiftly-ss-orange
There were three short sleeve swiftly colors. I got the Jeweled Magenta pink one.

lululemon-2015-sea-wheeze-expo-merchandise swiftly-TANK

lululemon-2015-sea-wheeze-expo-merchandise swiftly-TANK

lululemon 2015-sea-wheeze-expo-merchandise swiftly-TANK
There were three Swiftly tank colors. I thought the green was the prettiest of the three and kind of regret not getting it now.

lululemon-2015-sea-wheeze-expo-merchandise what-the-sport-singlet

lululemon-2015-sea-wheeze-expo-merchandise what-the-sport-singlet
I can only find two colors of the What the Sport Singlet. I swear I thought there was a white one, too. 

lululemon-2015-sea-wheeze-expo-merchandise stash-it-tank

lululemon-2015-sea-wheeze-expo-merchandise stash-it-tank

lululemon-2015-sea-wheeze-expo-merchandise stash-it-tank

lululemon-2015-sea-wheeze-expo-merchandise stash-it-tank-magenta
There were four versions of the Stash It Tank.

lululemon-2015-sea-wheeze-expo-merchandise bug-singlet


lululemon-2015-sea-wheeze-expo-merchandise -singlet

lululemon 2015-sea-wheeze-expo-merchandise-singlet
There were four versions of the Lightened Up Singlets. There were a lot of these left at the end of the day.

lululemon-2015-sea-wheeze-expo-merchandise hat

There were two versions of the Race To Win hat. There were a lot of pink hats left at the end of the day.

lululemon-2015-sea-wheeze-expo-merchandise visor

There were two versions of the Fast Paced Run visor. These sold out by the end of the day, I believe.

Fellow Sea Wheezers, what did you think of this year's merchandise? What would you like to see for next year? I know I was hoping for the Downtime Jacket again but I have become a fan of the Miss Misty jacket. I also would like a rulu or brushed luxtreme Half Zip instead of the Tuck N Flow. I also like the Bound Bra better than the Stuff Your Bra, though I know lots of people love the Stuff Your Bra. I like that they had more than one bag style and I would love it if they had a smaller bag, like the Festival or Diversity bag, also. I definitely appreciate the switch to light luon Cool Racerbacks this year.


Anonymous said...

Pretty disappointing compared to recent years. Between the bug prints and prints that look like some sort of culture growing in a Petri dish. Easy pass. Non sea wheeze people are not missing out this year.

Anonymous said...

Wow it sounds like you had a great time despite little did you manage to get up for the run and run 13.1 miles?? Thank you so much for the beautiful recap!!

Andrea said...

Looking back over all the photos in your post - I'm feeling happy with my purchases. I got the grey CRB, the white with black CRB, the black & white stripe CRB (love!), the pink/orange tuck & flow, the blue long sleeve swiftly and a pair of padded socks.

Only things I feel I missed out on with the green CRB (the colour is seriously called portapottie????). Still don't like the bug print.

I'm suprised by how many grey duffels they had left over. I considered one but it was one of those "Am I only buying this cause Seawheeze?" so left it.

The only thing I would have really liked to see is something that said "Seawheeze" on it. I bought the Sunset Festival scuba partially cause it actually referenced at least part of the event.

Anonymous said...

I bought more this year than last year because last year the eye logo was plastered big all over the back of a lot of the tops like the Scuba and swiftlies. That logo was just ugly. Then the singlets last year had the eye's all over it. Shorts too. That kept me from buying a lot.

This year I did buy more mostly because I love patterned bottoms - colorful and fun ones. I got several of the speed prints, SS swiftly's and the green swiftly tank. The pattern in the swiftly's doesn't really faze me and I feel like I can wear with patterned shorts without a problem because it's more subtle and not so bold (minus the blue and white tank or long sleeve - none of which I bought because of the bold pattern). I liked the black/white scuba and got that just because last years had the eye on the back so was happy to see something similar this year without that.

Take 2 bra - not sure what is up with that being there this year. Hated it when it was out in the stores. I also would like to see the Run Bound Bra with the Run Stuff Bra. Toss in an Energy Bra in there and I think it would be a great bra selection. This year with all the fun patterned bottoms I was disappointed that there were no solid tops except for the one green CRB - of which they appeared to make very little compared to the other CRB's as it sold through quickly and was the one item not restocked mid-morning. A solid Miss Misty would have been nice. The pink/orange was just too bright for my coloring and the beetle one was just not to my liking (though I do like the beetle shorts!). There wasn't a single solid color Lightened Up singlet - which was the top I'm regretting buying from last year - so was looking forward to a pink or orange or blue one in that but nope, all patterns that would clash with all my bottoms.

I got in line much later - around 3:30 with my group and was still let in with the first group and there was plenty of everything to be had. Heard around 10:00 or so brand new sealed boxes of items were being pulled out and restocked on everything but the green CRB (crazy oversight by Lulu. They have not yet learned that we want SOLID tanks. How many years of stripes and patterns hitting WMTM will it take for them to realize we don't want prints?).

All in all great expo, plenty of merchandise for everyone to get something no matter what time you got in, restocks, runner hours and scanning in line worked great overall. I hope they keep it like this for next year!

What I'd like to see next year....Run Bound Bra, Run Stuff Bras. Solid CRB's and Lightened Up singlets. Continue with the fun patterned shorts. Pace Rivals in TALL length (the expo ones were really SHORT in regular length for some reason). I'd like to see the return of the Downtime jackets.

I had lulu goggles on this year at the expo but i've almost worn every single thing I bought already and love it so at least the goggles were somewhat practical. Lol!

Anonymous said...

Love the prints, especially the BUGS! Think any will appear in U.S. stores or web? Thanks for the post!

Anonymous said...

Wow, that's a lot of merchandise! Thanks for sharing LLA. The only things I would want for sure are the Black and White Stripe Scuba Hoodie II, and the Long Sleeve Swiflty tops, those would have been my must haves if I could have purchased them. I also really like the Black and White Tuck and Flow(depends on how this top fits, never tried one before, if it's a boxy and not flattering shape then it's a definite no), the Swiftly Short Sleeves, the Swiftly Tanks, the Black and White CRB, and the Green CRB, these would have been maybes depending. Also the Jeweled Magenta High Mileage Duffel bag is nice too, love the colours combined with the Rose Gold Hardware, but not a must have, would depend. It looks like the zippers on both Scuba Hoodies are metallic coloured zippers, love that!

Anonymous said...

LuluAddict, I forgot to ask, do you think there's any chance this stuff will be offered online, like they did with the Wanderlust stuff a few weeks ago? I do really like that black and white scuba and the swiftly long sleeves! Would be great to have a chance at purchasing them. Only thing is, I'm not a runner, and wearing stuff from an event that's meant for runners would seem a little weird to me!

Anonymous said...

I'm loving the crbs as they are super soft. Wish I had bought one or two more. Love the tuck and flows--would like to see these back in store. Except for the bug print, I thought the shorts this year weren't as distinctive as I would like. Overall, the color palette was nice and I'm pleased with what I bought.

Anonymous said...

I also found the merchandise to be less desirable compared to last year, though I still found a plenty of items to purchase:). I bought the green/black stripe inspires, white/black inspires, pink and orange inspires, beetle trackers, pink/orange speeds, and beetle singlet.
The inspire crops are super cute and not see-through in a deep squat. I've worn all three this week and received endless compliments from strangers and friends. The pink/orange pair is my favorite because they are so different, yet still "so lulu" if that makes sense.
I loved that the CRBs were luon and not luxtreme. Keep that going please. The beetle shorts and tank are actually really cute in person. I cringed the first time I saw the print in the sneak peak photos, but in person they're really fun and match well with a number of great colors.
I found the Stash it Tanks to be sloppy, wrinkled, and shapeless both on the hanger and when I saw them worn in person during the race. They can retire that style IMO. I'm also over the Tuck N Flow and not sure why this style was hyped up so much last and this year. The Swiftly shirts were really pretty, but I have enough of those so I didn't buy. The bags were pretty meh and the jackets were all an easy pass. I agree making a smaller bag with the Seawheeze theme would be a great addition to next year's store. The men's offerings were really limited which was a disappointment. My husband was actually excited to pick up a pair of shorts or shirt (very unlike him), but left without buying.
I thought they did a really good job offering a variety of items and staff did an incredible job replenishing clothing for the masses. I made into the store around 9:45 am or so and found everything I wanted and then some.

Anonymous said...

Can someone please explain why SeaWheeze clothing is different. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Wow, all of it is so unappealing. Not a fan of any of it.

chingaling ling said...

Great recap LLA. Bummed about it not being avail on Aussie site later.

ekc said...

Awesome post! Yes there was a white & grey striped what the sport singlet. I missed it by 3 seconds!

Steffie said...

This was my first seawheeze shop event and I was somewhat unimpressed. To your point everything had a pattern and if you didn't like them then it was hard shopping. Although I got there early I wasn't early enough to get any of the run backpacks. I would have liked to get the green one but people already had several stashed in their piles by the time I got it.
Over all I did end up getting two CRB's, 1 pair of WTSS, 4 pairs of socks, a headband, and a men's shirt for a friend.
That was another thing I was surprised by; the lack of selection in the men's dept. Only two colors to really pick from in the shirts and then only two colors/ options for the shorts??? Women ate it up for their husbands and I did see quite a few men shopping so I'm a little surprised that it seemed like they didn't have much selection. Though not that they would really want a lot of crazy prints....

SueSueLemon said...

There was a white what the sport singlet. I managed to snag one as the restocked. I like the bound bras better as well. I did appreciate the runners only line. Hopefully there won't be too many non-runners register next year just for the store access!

Sisi80 said...

While I thought some items were really cute, I thought past Seawheeze merchandise was cuter. I was VERY disappointed that they Portapottie (is that name for real?? Does that translate to something else in Canada?!) CRB sold out. That was the one item my friend and I wanted and we never even saw someone holding it in the expo! And no one seems to be mentioning it but the white/gray long sleeve Swiftly vanished and the blue and black print Speeds were a hot item. I managed to find a sleeveless Swiftly on the white/gray but would've loved to have it in alng sleeve. Those Speeds were just GONE! Other than those 2 things, I'm happy with what I got. I ended up with the sleeveless Swiftly, the green and black striped Inspires, a Take 2 bra in green and black, the beetle Speeds, and the black and white Speeds which were gone by the time we left. I really wish there had been more of that black and white "squiggle" print that was on the Speed Tights. I think that on some Speed shorts or a Scuba would've been hot sellers. And there should've been more solid colored CRBs.
In the end, we just really came way too late to stand in line but my friend said they had arrived around 6-6:30 in previous years so we thought we were ok. Stood in line for almost 4 hours. It was awful. Lesson learned.

Anonymous said...

I am a total addict, but have today no regrets for missing this stuff.

Anonymous said...

Some of the patterns were definitely inspired by bacteria cultures - a questionable choice for athletic wear in my opinion.

Jen said...

I got in line at 2:30-ish and was in the first group. Ended up with the black backpack, green CRB, b/w stripe CRB, green/black stripe pace rival, blue pattern pace rival, b/w stripe tuck and flow, two pairs of low socks, both pairs of keep it tight socks (yay! Love these!!), green swiftly tank, speed tights w/black&white print, two stuff your bras and a headband. Yes, I realize this is more than 15 items. I pooled with another.

I typically buy all of my fall/spring race outfits at SW and - hard as it is to believe from the list above - was disappointed at the selection this year primarily because of the pattern upon pattern upon pattern. I much preferred last year's selections. And I guess I'm the only person who was extremely disappointed that the CRBs were luon instead of luxtreme. I find that luon gets much heavier than luxtreme when you're sweating, and if it's raining out - I definitely want to be in luxtreme over luon or the swiftly fabric. So that was a bummer.

I ended up buying an LS solid swiftly at the Robson store because I found the LS swiftlys at the showcase store to be absolutely hideous.

But I have worn almost everything I've purchased so far!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the amazing recap!
I wish that we could see more photos of people actually wearing the Seawheeze gear. It would be fun to see the different outfits people came up with :)

Anonymous said...

I did not register for Seawheeze 2015, but fell in love with the bug shorts & green crb.
Paid too much for the shorts and a RIDICULOUS amount for the tank on ebay. I do love them. I swear that I had the best run in them yesterday;)
That being said, I don't think that it is fair that there were many actual runners who were at the Expo who were not able to purchase these pieces.

I think that Lululemon should have an online store for registered runners (say a couple of months before the race) where they can purchase up to 10 items. Runners can pick up their orders the day before race at the convention center. There could also be an Expo for non-runners as well as runners who did not order online with leftover merchandise. Runners could also exchange their online purchases at the Expo should it not fit, etc...

I think that runners should have first choice and not have to camp outside the day before a big race. I don't know if this would help with the re-selling on ebay (as frankly, I truly believe that a fair amount of these sellers are not just "registrants" but actual "runners"), but at least it would allow non-ebay-sellers-Seaweeheze-runners the opportunity to purchase without having to spend hours (and hours!) in line right before the race.

Or maybe runners could only pick up their items after completing the race ;)

Is there this much of an issue with merchandise at other races?

Anonymous said...

This was my first SeaWheeze and Expo, and I was pretty disappointed in the colours/patterns, and limited selection in size 12.

I was in the store within 10 minutes of it opening, and there were about 6 pair of tracker shorts left, 1 in green/black stripe, the others in the light blue with squiggles. No run-backpacks in bug print, or black. Tons of duffels, but compared to last years bag, the colours were blah, and the style was very plain. I was hoping for more after we saw the potential for color in the runners shorts, but at least I have those...and I ended up with 2 CRBs, a tuck and flow, and a pair of socks. If I had been blown away by the colours or prints I might have gotten a swiftly, but I really felt that there was nothing special there, and the colours online right now we're better. Would have loved those navy speed shorts in the tracker style.

Needless to say, the biggest burn was that most of the styles of clothing were not available in size 12 at all...which I find so off-putting. There were so many beautiful size 12 plus size runners on the run, and precious little offered for us in the store.

If Lulu is listening, I heard so many people wishing there was a SeaWheeze t-shirt, with the race name, date, logo. Why not offer it for sale in the registration process so you know how many to make, and not left with extras after the event? Fridge magnets, car decals, key chains? If you're not going to offer clothing in size 12/14, it would be nice to have some souvenirs to commemorate such a huge feat!

I definitely appreciated that runners were given first access to the store, but I can already see that runners will have to camp out the night before if they want to get in before 9 am next year :(

Stephanie said...

I got into the sea wheeze store around 11am and found some nice things- bought black/white striped inspires, black/white striped CRB, beetle print stuff your bra. They were unpacking boxes of stock but no more run backpacks, speed tights, l/s swiftlies, tuck and flow l/s or navy passion crops which are all things I would have snapped up. I don't understand why they allowed people to purchase 3 of the same item in the same size and colour.

Anonymous said...

I was quite happy with my haul.
I got the blue/navy speed shorts, LS pink swifly, green tank swifly, blue/navy stash it tank, the black and white scuba, and the pink duffel. Also got for my sister the pink miss misty jacket and the blue/navy speed shorts. I also got the light blue/white black stash it tank(for my sister for Christmas). I was in the second wave let in and wish I could have gotten the green crb but other than that I was quite happy!

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:15 & 8:20 - in years past the SeaWheeze patterns became the Aussie summer clothing but with the regular lulu logo and not the race logo. It has never been released in the U.S. Or other countries. However, the AUS/NZ Instagram has stated that this year there will not be the SeaWheeze pattern summer release in AUS but that they have other summer plans for them.

Anon @ 9:49 - the SeaWheeze clothing is different because it's specifically designed with the race theme that was picked. The items are only available at the expo store the day before the race. The logo is the race specific logo designed for that year vs the regular lulu logo. U less you buy the stuff on eBay there is no other way to get it but to be there. They don't release the patterns to N.A. Either in store or online. In the past Aus/NZ got some of the patterns for their summer line but as mentioned above it looks like it won't be this year. So it's pretty exclusive stuff.

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 4:44 am - there are a few Sea Wheeze albums on Flickr and you can get idea of the outfits there. IMO, there prettiest outfits were the ones made with the Green Swiftly tank and coordinating bottoms. Everything else looked a bit chaotic.

Anonymous said...

Anon Aug 23 @ 4:05 PM - Thank you for the info! From anon @ 8:15/8:20

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info!
Off to stalk Flickr :)
Anon 4:44am

Leigh said...

Microbiologist here - loved this year! I thought it was way more appealing than last year. But speed shorts and crbs are my jam. Sadly, missed out on the portapottie :(

hmdowd said...

Love that black and white with pink detail scuba! I wish they would get more interesting color/pattern combinations like this online or in stores...all the scubas now online seem a bit boring to me at the moment. Looks like a fun race! When I move back to the States someday I will have to sign up! -Heidi

Sara Andrusky said...

Hi Thanks for all your awesome info LuluAddict. Just curious, what are the prices like? I know what people are selling/buying them for afterwards. Insanity. But I was curious if the prices on the expo are the same as stock Lulu?

LuluAddict said...

@Sara - yes, the prices are the same as regular lululemon merchandise.