Tuesday, July 14, 2015


lululemon-picnic-play-dress gingham

lululemon-picnic-play-dress gingham

I really like the Gingham Picnic Play Dress.

lululemon-ace-spot-energy bra

lululemon-ace-spot-energy bra
The Black/White Ace Spot Energy Bra finally uploaded. I got this a couple of weeks ago in my local store. It's super cute under my black and white Var-City tanks. It's super cute under 105F tanks, too.

lululemon-gingham energy
New Gingham Energy Bra. This one is kind of cute but I find gingham fabrics thick and hot. I need to see this one in person.


I'm curious to see the Back Pack It Jacket in the store.


lululemon-all-good-pullover silver
lululemon-swiftly-ss silver
The All Good Pullover looks comfy but it looks short in these photos.

lululemon-swiftly-ss tie dye
The US got a regular crewneck Heathered Silver Fox Swiftly SS and Canada got a Scoop Neck Tie Die Version. I can't decide whether to wait for the tie dye one or order the one we got.

lululemon-swiftly-s silver

lululemon-swiftly-ls peacock
Canada got both a Heathered Slate Silver Fox and Peacock Blue Swiftly LS. We just got the Peacock. I am debating whether to get the Peacock one.

lululemon-swiftly-tank alarming

lululemon-swiftly-tank flash light
The Heathered Flash Light Swiftly tank is tempting me, too. Update - it's only in Canada right now. Duh.

lululemon-swiftly-half zip iris

lululemon-swiftly-half zip silver
Iris Flower (CAN) and Silver Fox Half Zip Swiftlys

Only Canada got the new Pedal to the Medal Singlet.

lululemon-roll-out-tank bali

lululemon-roll-out-tank silver
Canada got Roll Out Tanks.


Canada got new Stuff Your Bra colors.


lululemon-bark-chocolate street-to-studio

Only Canada got the new Pack It Vest.



lululemon-all-sport-crop dsahing
We got new colors in the All Sport Crops.


lululemon-super-squad-short black

lululemon-super-squad-short black

lululemon-super-squad-short silver
New Super Squad short colors.

Canada got a new Grain Party Om bag.


Canada got Alarming Speed Shorts


Canada got a Bali Breeze In the Flux Jacket

Cyber Stripe High Times. People are not impressed the stripes do not line up.


Contrary to rumor we did not get the Wanderlust stuff today. I haven't ordered anything yet but am contemplating a few swiftlys. Did you order anything?


Anonymous said...

There are those white speed shorts again! Grrrrr, I want.

Anonymous said...

I haven't ordered anything yet either, but like you I have my eye on a few different Swiftlys and the Bali Breeze In Flux Jacket. So many pretty new Swiftlys I can't decide which ones I want the most, I really like about four or five of them but will only order two!

Anonymous said...

almost bought a few items… heathered naval blue power Y, Bali CRB and cyberstripe… but then I realized I don't really want any of them!!! yay. Maybe I'm free of the lulu addiction. till next week at least!

Anonymous said...

Forgot to mention, I'm a bit sad we didn't get the beautiful Bark Chocolate Dance Studio Pants :( Hope they're coming soon! I noticed we got the Bark Chocolate Street to Studio Pants, but I don't like those so will keep my fingers crossed that we'll get the Dance Studio Pants.

Anonymous said...

I am considering the Pack It vest. but this is an online only item. I think I'll have to go to a store and check out the jacket and see how this Glyde fabric feels to touch....

Anonymous said...

Picnic dress in black. I really liked the gingham but it makes the model look like she has a giant butt so that doesn't bode well for me! The photos were entirely awful! I couldn't figure out why the model was sticking a pin in the strap until I read the description.
Also got the LS swiftly in peacock and the Inspire tights in WAFS. Debating a lot of other stuff like the Bali breeze CRB, bark street to studio crops, and gingham energy bra but gingham is always so small fitting so I will try that on in store.
I'm waiting for the striped WUC that showed up in the UK!!

Unknown said...

I got the Bali CRB. I've been waiting to grab this since it matches the Milky Way print on my WUCs.

Chezhire71 said...

Nothing for me tonight.
Might get the Peacock swiftly.

I bought the Cyber Stripe Silver Fox *zips months ago, and the stripes all line up.
Maybe some batches of these do, too?

sisi80 said...

Ghost Love Tee for me! Also bought the Shady Palms WU crops in store today...loving the stripes! On a side note, when I went in the store for the crops, I couldn't find the Inspire crops at first which I will always snatch up before getting WU crops. The salesperson directed me to them and he then proceeded to tell me that they were being kept with the ALL Sport Crops because those crops would be taking the place of the Inspires!!! WHAT?! Inspires are my absolute FAVORITE crops!!! Did I hear him right?! Anyone else heard this?

Anonymous said...

Still don't offer Tall Dance Studio pants in new colors

Shannon Bayley said...

You missed the new roll down boogie shorts, I'm worried they are see through but grabbed them in Bali Breeze because I love the color (also got the CRB. So many great CRB colors lately!). I got the dress in black; I love my refresh racer in black so we will see how this one works. And I got the Om Tank in black sky burnout. It seems like maybe a better replacement for my beloved 105 than the WTS Singlet. Oh, and the cyber stripe high times don't line up at all, that's exactly why I didn't buy them when I saw them in store a few weeks ago. Anyway, expensive week for me but not sure I'm gonna keep it all.
P.S. Did I miss the iris purple Pace Rival crops in the U.S.? My stores never got them and I don't recall seeing them uploaded.

Anonymous said...

Got the black Picnic Play Dress, Pretty Plume Straight Up Bra, and Bali Breeze CRB. Would love a Peacock Blue Swiftly Tank. The SS & LS ride up like crazy. Really want Pretty Plume WUPs! Way more so than Wanderlust. It's lost its luster due to crazy last year. I hope they don't sneak the PP WUPs and I miss them. I'd cry... a lot.

Anonymous said...

What tank is that in the Party Om bag picture?? Love!!!!

Anonymous said...

From my understanding Inspires will no longer be available in store. Just online.

I brought my online Inspires to the MOA store this weekend and compared them to the Pace Rival Crops. I have Stripe Play. The PRs were not brought home. Here's why. That particular pattern/material faded when stretched as compared to the Inspires. Stripes did not line up at all but we're flawless on the Inspires. The material felt similar but yet somewhat less buttery. The Inspires were as silky as my Parallel Stripe Rundays, which is seriously like buttah! There was material hanging out of random spots on the PRs seams but none on the Inspires. The length was about a 1/2" longer on the PRs. They just did not compare. Must be made in a different factory. Prob same issue as the Silver Fox High Times. My Zip pair lined up perfectly on the rear down until the lower leg (cut cannot perfectly line up from top to bottom). Diff factories pump out duff stuff. :P

I plan to buy the Stripe Play WUCs for yoga, too. Just LOVE the play on stripes! So fun but yet so neutral!

Anonymous said...

Me too, I got the picnic dress in black. Its already gone in size 10 from the Canadian side. This was the first dress that I found versatile enough to travel. Demure length, nice back, high neck, I can even wear it to some fancy place with jewellery and a cover up. Its a big plus that the dress has a built in bra. I wish all the dresses came with that. I just pull it on and I'm ready to go!

Anonymous said...

Bought the black picnic dress, but wondering whether it will be flattering. I am a curvy size 10, so it might end up going back.

Finally a decent upload for Canada, but still no wanderlust items! BOOOOO!!
Seems like if you don't happen to live in a city were wanderlust happens you are just out of luck of getting any of the cool patterns.. or you have to shell out hundreds of dollars for them on ebay! I don't know about you ladies, but I think that's rather unfair!

Anonymous said...

the back pack it jacket reminds me of the Kay-Way jackets that would fold up into its own pocket from the 80's. Not sure how I feel about that.

Anonymous said...

I was in a city with 3 stores over the weekend and went to all 3 stores. All had multiple pairs of the Cyber Stripe HTPs and none of the 9+ pairs I checked had stripes that lined up. I am not buying 20 pairs online to check for bum stripe placement. Mega Lulu fail. Stop pumping out quickies!

Paige said...

Those pullovers with the elastic band at the waist ALL look like they are about 2 sizes too small for the models. Arms don't look nearly long enough. I am hoping these are much better IRL on real people

Jessie said...

Yes! We also got the white FTBW. They snuck that in there, Ive been looking for one for awhile! It will look great against the bali breeze crb ;)

Starfighter said...

Thinking about the Peacock Back Pack It, so expensive though. I'm going to have to run to the store this week to check it out. Thinking also about the Weekend LS in heathered medium grey/silver spoon (looked great in the store) or maybe the Daya knit. You've been busy with all of these uploads!

Jessie said...

@Angela Green omg I bought the bali breeze for the same reason!! It does exactly match the color in the milky way WUC. I pulled them out and compared before I pulled the trigger tonight.

Anonymous said...

I want the picnic dress but I might pop into a store tomorrow to try it on first. I don't have a small bust so I'm scared the dress won't work for me

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 6:44 pm - Interesting about the Stripe Play Inspires being super soft. I tried on the Pace Rivals in that print and didn't love them.

Anonymous said...

I ordered the picnic dress in both black and gingham. I so hope to love one of them! I haven't bought anything since the maxi dress earlier this spring but I absolutely love my maxi dress.

Anonymous said...

Just finished ordering! I got the Bali Breeze In Flux Jacket - these jackets have become an absolute favourite of mine, so very happy to see it in a gorgeous new colour! Also ordered the Iris Flower Swiftly Half Zip, and both the Long Sleeve and the Short Sleeve Swiftly in Peacock Blue - more beautiful colours!

Anonymous said...

Bought my Cyber Stripe HTP more than a week ago in store, they line up perfectly. Maybe the 1st batch lined up.

chocolatekurly said...

Have a question about sizing for the Picnic Play dress, am wondering if it is very form fitting and whether it's necessary to size up? Am worried that sizing up would make the top too loose!

chocolatekurly said...

Does anyone have info on the sizing for the Picnic Play dress? Am wondering if there's a need to size up cos it's form fitting. Worried that sizing up would make the top too loose!

Lululover said...

I ordered BB CRB & Power Y in heathered naval. Also still debating about Play Dress, but not sure about the built in bra, I'm rather busty. I was hoping for Alarming HT or WUC , but only roll downs, so money safe

Anonymous said...

I got the Picnic Play dress in black. According to Lululemon's twitter, the Wanderlust items "may land online, sign up for our product notification to be first to know about all the new gear." So no official word yet I guess. I'll keep crossing my fingers. Thanks for all your hard work with these upload posts. I always read them to see whether I'm missing out, you have a great eye!

Rungirl7 said...

I have been waiting for the iris flower pace rivals as well. I don't think we've missed them.....

Tilis said...

Do you think the U.S. will get those new colors of the Stuff Your Bra? If not I might need to find a Canadian angel for me :)

Anonymous said...

Still no City Summer dress for Canada. Looks like I need an angel in the US. If anyone is willing to be an angel for me, I will angel for you from Calgary, Canada in return? Contact me at lululemonpartner@gmail.com. Thanks!

strawb3rries said...

canada got all the things that i REALLY am wanting to snag. the iris swiftly half zip, the alarming speeds, and run stuff your bras! Why only in Canada! Phooey!!!

Anonymous said...

LLA, have you decided about the Swiftlys? Lots of gorgeous colours and styles to choose from! I have the Space Dye Silver Fox Long Sleeve and it's a really pretty colour that will match with a lot :) We got the Silver Fox Tie Die Short Sleeve Scoop here in Canada, but I'm kind of liking the solid Silver Fox Short Sleeve Crew that you got in the US more ;) I'm going to wait it out and see if we get that one here.

Anonymous said...

I didn't see the Floral print Back Pack It Jacket on the Canadian site, I kind of like that one! The vest looks interesting too.

Deb said...

I picked up the Bali Breeze CRB in store yesterday (wearing it today) and then ordered the Alarming CRB and Wee Space Inspires last night. I hope we get speeds in them instead; I'm not a mesh lover but like the WS grey. My wave Inspires are the first pair of run tights I reach for every week; I hope I like these as much.