Tuesday, July 7, 2015


Upload! Get it here.

lululemon-define blue-denim

lululemon-define gator
Blue Denim (US) and Gator Green Defines. I am tempted by both of these.

lululemon-speed short flora-sport-tranquil

lululemon-speed dashing-purple

lululemon-free-to-be-wild alarming

lululemon-free-to-be-wild alarming

lululemon-free-to-be-wild dottie-dash

City Summer Dress (US)




lululemon-wunder-under-crop gingham
Gingham Roll Down Wunder Under Crops (US)

lululemon-wunder-under-crop bali-breeze

lululemon-scuba angel-wing

lululemon-scuba naval

lululemon-scuba tranquil


lululemon-cool-to-street bra

lululemon-cool-to-street crop

lululemon-power-y bali-breeze

lululemon-daya tank

lululemon what-the-sport floral-sport






lululemon-out-and-about-bag blush

lululemon-sweaty-or-not jacket


lululemon-adjustable-all-sport stripe
Classic Stripe Adjustable All Sport Bra (CAN)

lululemon-inspire-tight floral-sport

lululemon-groove-short shady-palm



lululemon-splendor bra


Amazingly, nothing for me this week but I hope we get some of that new Peacock stuff next week. Did you get anything today?


Hannah Birge said...

No pace rival crops for the U.S.! Too bad, I've been waiting for those...

Anonymous said...

Both Defines are gorgeous looking, I'm tempted too! Canada only got the Gator Green one, so at least there is only one for me to be tempted by. I'm not pulling the trigger yet, going to have to think about this one for a bit, as it isn't really a need since I have so many Defines, but more about if it's a colour that I could use in my collection.

LuluAddict said...

@Hannah - good point! Try calling a few stores to find them and they will mail to you for free.

Anonymous said...

Nothing this week. Not really impressed with anything in regards to beauty, functionality or need. I really wanted a few items from the international upload but nothing I wanted got uploaded to the US.

Luli Designs said...

Will you be listing what items were only US? I am in Canada and really like when you mark the U.S. online items because then I know that I haven't just missed seeing it and it is a sneak peak at what might be coming to Canada. Thanks for all your work on your blog, much appreciated.

Deb said...

I can't believe how many of these items didn't drop in Canada. More and more it feels like we're only getting a portion of what's offered in the US. I'm not impressed.

Anonymous said...

Did canada get the City Summer Dress? I was away from the computer for 20 min. Did I miss it?

Anonymous said...

Just the floral sport speeds for me. I'm seriously eyeing those tranquil blue and peacock swiftly tanks below...

How long has it been since we had a Bali Breeze CRB? I happen to be wearing mine right now but could've sworn I just got it last summer? Or was it the year before? #luluproblems

Anonymous said...

I picked up the Gingham WUC but I''ll be debating keeping them as unsure if they will visually enlarge the legs, and also because I'm dubious of the contrasting seam right at the crotch. Also splurged on the limited edition Luxtreme WUP with the mesh stripe down the side. I think they'll be great for dance class. LLA - I saw some white shorts featured with the Peacock swiftly tank in the UK new products post - do you think these could be speeds?

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 4:56 pm - Only the US got it.

@Lulu - I went back and marked them.

@ anon 4:57 pm - I have photos of it from February 2104 - it came out with Milky Way.

E said...

I've been waiting for my dragonfly green items to show up... Nothing! Anyone know if we can expect any this summer? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

The City Summer dress is amazing! I tried it on this weekend at my local Portland store and ended up leaving with both the black and the floral. It's a very flattering fit despite the more fitted bust area. I'm normally a size 12 in lulu bras, and the size 10 in the dress still fit really nicely

Anonymous said...

$92 for the gingham crops?! Oh, Lululemon. Surely you jest. Come on. They're crops.

Anonymous said...

Very anti-climatic upload this week but my wallet is safe. Hoping some of the international items drop in US soon...

Anonymous said...

I hope the Angel Wing Scuba Hoodie makes it to a Canadian upload soon! Love it!

I agree with what Deb was saying about the US getting a lot more product than we're getting here in Canada. I don't think it's a case of the grass is always greener, as I do realise we get some things that the US does not. The US is clearly getting a larger variety of product. They have received far more colours in Defines, Scuba Hoodies and Swiftly tops, to name a few, than we have been getting here in Canada, and it's really disappointing especially when so much of it is stuff that was really wanted.

Anonymous said...

LLA -- do you have a fit review of the Hot Times Long Sleeve that is online only? Anyone else on this blog have some feedback on this top? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hard to buy anything when Canada doesn't get much of anything uploaded....again.

E said...

I've been waiting for more dragonfly items to pop up... Nothing! Anyone have any intel? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

alarming red ftbw is a very strange red...i saw it in the shop. it's a cross between deep orange and red but with a bit of ugly car rust shade. i dunno. it's just a weird color. i have a nice summer tan and most colors look good on me but this color was so weird.

Starfighter said...

I'd love to the the Vinyasa but I'm in the US. I always wanted the purple and angel blue clarity but I'd much rather have a bold stripe Vinyasa. So comfy!

Anonymous said...

I got the striped WUP. Will probably have them shortened into crops.

LuluAddict said...

@E - I don't think we're going to see much more dragonfly at all.

@&:18 pm - I've seen a few try on photos of those striped WUPs and think they'll be much cuter as WUCs.

@ anon 6:08 pm - If the Hot Times fits like the What the Sport SS I'd say get your TTS since the material can be a little clingy.

Chezhire71 said...

@ Anon 4:57 pm, I bought the Bali Breeze CRB las tspring, when I bought my Milky Way crops.

Nothing for me tonight, as I already ordered the striped WUP + the Grapefruit/Slate reversible WUC from a store yesterday as soon as I saw the photos surface. I love a striped WUP, as I like to pull them down over my ankles during my barre classes.

I would have ordered the Gingham crops IF they'd done the contrast seam in a nice, medium grey, which is what looks best against a small, busy black/white print, so it wouldn't pop out so much. Shame, too, because I adore gingham.
Come on, Lulu, we don't want super obvious contrasting seams on an already busy-bee, small patterned fabric!

Ddr said...
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Anonymous said...

Selling to US customers is a lot more profitable than selling to Canadians. Lulu charges same prices in Canada as in US yet our Canadian dollar is worth only 80 cents US. So keeping the US customers happy would seem to be the current strategy by Lulu.

Anonymous said...

I just grabbed the City Summer Dress so my husband doesn't get sick of my retreat dresses!

Anonymous said...

No size 2 again for the speeds!!!

LuluAddict said...

Annoying! Lulu seems to be screwing the extended sizes a lot lately.

Lululover said...

Both Denim & Gator Defines are calling my name!! So cute and I know I'll get a lot of wear out of them! Trying to be strong and not to buy anything at least for a week!

Unknown said...

I just want the wee space SE WU crops!!

Luli Designs said...

Thanks so much for marking them :)

kiwihusky said...

I just ordered a Gym to Win bag in Sketchy Palm. I was in the market for a travelling bag and this bag has had good reviews on the website. I had wanted to buy it in a black at first, but felt it might be too boring. Hope the material is good on this one!

Sherri said...

Sighhhhh..... Still waiting on the grapefruit reversible WUC ... Pants were uploaded but still no crops on US site. australia got them 2-3 weeks ago :((